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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by scotty b, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. scotty b

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    I recently acquired a "King Betta" and have put him into my 55 gallon community. In my community tank I have a female Betta and she seems to show some interest in him, and by interest I mean she follows him around intrigued. The Male Betta doesn't seem interested in eating or harming anyone, at least not at the moment. Will this be okay for a week or so while I cycle my other tank?

    Sorry for my last post I wasn't paying attention due to the fact that I was being rushed :;smack
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  2. Lucy

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    I'm sorry scotty.
    I didn't quite understand. Punctuation and spelling go a long way. :)

    I'd hate to see you get wrong advice if a question is misunderstood.
  3. Terra

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    Probably the male and female will fight, possibly the male will attack anything else in the tank as well. It may not be immediate, it may be in a couple days when you're not expecting it :(
  4. soltarianknight

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    Separate them now. Before one or the other settles in or they breed. Both would end ugly.
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    scotty b

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    i plan to move him to a new cycled 10 gallon in the morning,the tank has duck weed, frogbit and anacharis growing right now. the tank is rather bland any suggestion on what to do with the tank to make a betta more at home ?, it has a ugf with a whisper 20 on it and i plan to add a small h.o.b
  6. soltarianknight

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    Plants and decor. Lots of em. Floating plants are ideal. But you need to understand that it will take 2 second for them to cause irreparable damage to each other. It isn't a "Oh just for a few minutes" situation. It is a "Crud they got onto the same side of the tank, move them NOW situation".
  7. OP
    scotty b

    scotty bWell Known MemberMember

    I moved him at 1pm, He is in the 10 gallon he seems sad with the confined space