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Would like to add one to my community, but unsure of the compatibility with other fish. What other fish do you keep it with, and do you think Gourami's would fight with it?


I think the angel and gouramI are a bad combination. I've heard some folks make this combination work, but most say they will not get along. I think the basic guidelines for compatibility with bettas would be fish that are not aggressive or ones that don't have long fins. They seem to do fine with cory cats, yo yo loaches, and neon tetras. I've had them in tanks with all of these fish. Bettas make beautiful additions to a community tank, and when you put them into a tank that's at least 10 gallons, they become so much more active, at least in my experience!


My betta gets along with my angels, but they don't let him on one side of the tank since it's their territory but besides that they don't bother him. As with putting him with another gouramI that's a no-no as a betta is a gouramI and most gouramis become aggressive as they get older so if you were to get a betta and a gouramI they would need a large tank for territorys.


I tried to put one of my bullied gouramis into a tank with my betta, and they turned on each other almost instantly.

Very bad combination in my experience.


As is combining them with Pictus. Unfortunately they attacked mine one night and it died the next day. :'(


Bettas get along with otos after the initial getting - to - know - you stage is over. They chase them for a while until the territory is settled and then they ignore each other. Just provide shelter areas for the otos during the day as they are nocturnal and like to sleep during the day. Otherwise, they are very sweet fish.


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