5 Gallon Tank Betta Or Mystery Snail?


I'm doing a fishless cycle in my 5.5 gal (20.8L) right now. The tank has a Marineland Penguin 75GPH filter, Aqueon 50 watt heater, Smiful 4 watt LED colored light, 2 java ferns, and some duckweed. I have a few marimo moss balls I might add in at a later date.

My tap water is unchlorinated well water.

pH = 7.5

gH = 120 ppm / 6.7

kH = 80 ppm / 4.4

I am willing to treat water minorly if something would need to be changed to fit one or the other better.

I had bettas a long time ago, (think young kid who's parents were in charge of the tank,) and absolutely love them. I've been planning on getting one for a long time, whenever this tank was fully set up, and I truly love them and want the best if I got one.

Recently, however, I've realized that I also would love mystery snails, and would love to keep one or two.

If I got a betta it would be a male veil tail betta. If I could find a reputable breeder I would get the betta from there, but Betta breeding doesn't seem to be common in my area.

If I got mystery snails, I would likely get two or three, and unless there is a large problem with unhealthy mystery snails, I likely would purchase them from whatever online seller had a good price to reviews ratio. (Not too expensive, but still good reviews.)

So, my question is, as I only have the space for one tank, which one should I get?

What would be the pros and cons of each? The biggest I can think of are how likely the creature is to get out, and the breeding rate of mystery snails, though I am willing to rehome and cull populations, and have a community tank that I could put many of the mystery snails children in if they did breed.


I personally don't like to keep mystery snails in anything under 10 gallons just because they're quite large, active, and produce a whole lot of waste. That's just me though

-will eat some of the algae build up
-generally hardier
-can put them in any tank
-so much poop
-will try to escape
-just so many eggs

-more likely to interact
-generally more interesting to watch
-very popular fish/ lots of information and resources
-most betta splendens are prone to tumors
-will almost definitely become sick overnight and scare you
-can easily hurt fins

Also I personally found after I got my betta I get deeply upset whenever I see others in those awful little tanks. I used to just be like "that poor fish " but now I will literally almost cry because I can't stop thinking about how badly it's suffering.

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