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I have this new betta that is refusing to eat. The pellet that I am feeding is the betta bio-gold from Hikari. I've noticed that he would only go after the pellet if it is dropping but once it touches the ground, he leaves it. When he does actually eat it, he just spits it back out and leaves it. What should I do? I'm guessing the pellet is too big for him.


If the betta had previously been kn a different food it may take him time to adjust to the new food. Don’t worry. Fish can go a long time without food and they won’t starve themselves. He should adjust to the new food by day 3. If not there might be a problem. If pellet is too big you can crush it or cut it in half. If you are really worried you can soak the food in garlic to make it more appealing


When did you get him? Was he just imported or not to the store at the time you got him? Is he showing signs of illness? Does he chew the pellet?

He might be scared but sometimes they will eat as soon as you get them. If he doesn't chew the pellet or like it floating, try flakes some bettas like that over pellets.


New fish may not eat for a while when introduced into a new environment so I would suggest you wait a bit for him to settle in before trying to feed him again. It could also just be that he's a picky betta so try feeding other brands of food. If he still doesn't eat then you should try feeding frozen foods such as bloodworms or brine shrimp which are much more tempting for bettas. Soaking his food in garlic extract can also work as it acts as an appetite stimulant and flavor enhancer.


When first purchased, my Betta, Perry, did not eat, and turned his nose up to every type of food I offered: flakes, pellets, freeze dried (full size and cubes) I was going to the pet store/amazon almost each day. What I learned about feeding Betta:
1. They can go two weeks without eating. (I knew I could wait him out)
2. They can be very picky eaters. (I knew I could wait him out)
3. There were enough different foods I could try that might he might like (Almost two weeks worth)
4. He wanted nothing to do with flakes
5. He swam away from pellets
6. He started eating Omega One freeze dried blood worms (I waited him out)
7. His next favorite was HikarI freeze dried brine shrimp (Patience is a virtue)
8. His favorite is Fluval Bug Bites (Tropical Formula for Small Fish)

In the end a wide variety of foods over the course of a week is good. Yes, I have spent more money than I thought, but he is the only fish I have. I also have food to last the Zombie Apocalypse. Perry now eats everything I give him and that is a good thing. EXCEPT for mysis shrimp and/or plankton. I have even stooped so low as to crush and hide those with Bug Bites. I have give up on that. He is smarter than I am. (He waited me out)

If you think you are not feeding your fish enough, feed them less. We do tend to feed too often, too much. Food is love, right? I also take one day off each week. Saturday is Fasting Day. Perry may disapprove (I told you he was smart) but it is good for him. Tough love.

I do agree that HikarI make high quality fish foods, of all types, that he now eats regularly. Each food package has its own different color palette for easy identification (like the color purple) Spirulina Brine shrimp is also one of Perry's favorites. Tubifex worms and Tetra Betta Plus pellets round out the week.

If this seems like a great deal to keep track of, for me, it is. So I set up a spread sheet on the ol' laptop. Yes, I do have too much time on my hands, but Perry is worth it.

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