Betta & Mystery Snail Feeding Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by heeerefishyfishy, Apr 24, 2017.

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    I've just joined up as I'm getting back into keeping fish after a long hiatus. I recently set up a tank with one Betta and one Mystery snail. I've kept bettas before but not snails like this guy. The problem I'm having is that my snail doesn't appear interested in any kind of food and my Betta keeps eating the algae discs I put in for the snail. I put a disc in this morning and was happy to see that it was almost entirely gone when I got home from work and assumed the snail had eaten it. Then I noticed the betta's fat belly...

    I've offered the snail algae discs, blanched spinach, and blood worms and it he doesn't seem interested in anything so far. I've got some Brussels Sprouts to try, and I suppose I could attempt some fruits... I'm worried that he's not eating anything but I suppose he must be eating *something* since he's still kicking...

    Conversely, the betta spits out his pellet food and blood worms but will pick at the algae all day long. Everything seems topsy turvy with these two.

    Any ideas? Shall I stop the algae pellets so the fish doesn't eat herself to death? At what point should I be worried if the snail doesn't eat anything significant? Also, I'm planning to fast the betta tomorrow due to today's big meal. Good idea or bad?

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    yeah definitely fast the betta
    the mystery snail has probably has it's fill of biofilm with some detritus from the blanched foods
    and diatoms and things like that
    it will come around though and thats when they start really growing lol
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    Thanks! Any idea how long it usually takes them to come around?
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    It depends on the snail, someone posted here about a few weeks ago that their mystery snail doubled in size in like a week or two because of all the biofilm they had in their tank
    does your snail seem to be growing any larger?
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    You know, I haven't really noticed. However, he is all over the tank tonight, hoovering up who knows what from the bottom, so I feel a little better :)