Betta Missing Entire Chunk From Tail And Body- Should I Euthanize?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by sophi, Nov 9, 2018.

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    Sigh.. I've declared that I'm the worst betta fish owner in history. I've had so many betta fish die now due to fin issues like torn off and ripped fins, and now this... this is the most horrific injury I've ever seen on any of my fish and trust me, I know it's my fault and I feel horrible as it is. My betta's live in a natural planted aquarium with rocks, driftwood, and real plants. But time and time again in this tank, I've had bettas somehow rip their fins yet I just kept baby proofing and rearranging things in hopes of it stopping the injuries. And yet here we are again, with another extremely injured betta fish. She seems to have gotten caught bad enough to where shes ripped about 1/4 of her tail out but she also somehow ripped an entire chunk off of her actual body. As in, it looks like a huge fish took a bite out of her. I only noticed this yesterday since she's been hiding lately and I didn't want to keep bothering her, but as soon as I saw the injury, I got her into a methylene blue bath, did a 70% water change, added salt + indian almond leaf, and fed her (which last night, she ate perfectly and was still pretty energetic). From what I can see, there doesn't seem to be any infection yet, however you can tell she's in extreme pain. She can only swim for a few seconds with that back tail before swimming back to the bottom to rest. My plan is to do daily water changes with her tank lowered a bit to help her reach the surface easier, but truthfully, I don't see her making it. It's an extremely bad injury that could have been prevented if I just took out the driftwood sooner. As of now, she's in a bare tank with just her plants, I removed every piece of wood and most of the rocks already so she can't get worse. I guess I'm wondering if it's more cruel to keep trying to help her, or if I should euthanize? I really don't want to euthanize, it breaks my heart completely and even if there IS a small chance she can make it... well... I wouldn't want to give up on her. What would you guys do? Keep going or should I let her go?

    I really absolutely sick to my stomach honestly, I've had 3 bettas die in the past few months. One to ripped fins (he had ripped his entire top fin off), one to Dropsy that was already sick when I got her, and now my girl with this new injury. I feel horrible, despite my best efforts, I seem to just make things worse. /: Just so bummed out right now, I know I caused this so I only blame myself for this.
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    Pictures please?
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    That's the only picture I managed to get. As you can see towards the back of her tail on the bottom, a huge chunk is just missing. I looked everywhere for the "remains" to see where she got caught on... I have no clue how this happened.

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    Let him die by himself, see my previous post. Ultimately it is your decision