Betta Lost Fin And Color

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    Have a 40 gallon breeder been up and running for about 2months now, have a penplex 1000 filter, water temp 77-80
    Have 4otos, 2 rasboras(gonna add 4) 1 male Betta, 2 khuili loaches. Change about 10 gallons every week or 20 depending if water parameters change. Vacuum top of gravel every water change. Water parameters cycled before adding fish, test with the Kit ph stays 6.5-6.7 ammonia 0ppm
    N3 0ppm N2 0ppm. Feed fish evey other day frozen brine shrimp. Have algae at a controlled level enough for Otos to eat, have sinking pellets for loaches at night.

    My concern: Betta Fish lost a large chunk of Fin and color, for the past couple days saw him toward the top of the tank but I thought it was normal.

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    Any aggression on the tank because it looks like one of the fish may have attacked him. I say this because there was a similar post to this with a small pleco (if I’m not mistaken) and it had the same thing going on... lost finnage and discoloration where the fin was gone. I’d remove the betta out of the tank and give it time to heal on his own.

    I hope I’m wrong but don’t know what else it could be except for your intake which could have been a bit too strong and got him stuck.