Betta Leaf Hammocks

  1. Abbs12 Member Member

    We purchased our Betta leaf hammock about two months ago and it has already started flaking its paint and the wire through the center has poked out. I took it out of his tank but all of my lfs sell the same brand. Is this normal of them or did I just get a bad one?

    Hei Hei loved it and I would like to purchase another one or something like it asap!
  2. BReefer97 Well Known Member Member

    I've never had paint chip, but my wire has started poking out. It's nothing sharp or harmful so I'm not worried about it, but I would just purchase a new one. I use the zoomed one.

  3. bgclarke Well Known Member Member

    The one from Zoo Med?
    One of ours has also lost some of the paint.
    I've found some made by Marina that my guys prefer.
    The Marina Betta Pad looks like it's injection molded vs painted.
  4. Abbs12 Member Member

    Yes! All of the hammocks I am finding locally are the zoo med brand and that's what I had. I will check out the marina hammock! Thanks!

  5. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    There's one on amazon that sells you a holder and some real indian almond leaves, so that you get the benefits of the leaves and you won't get this problem. They have to be replaced every few months.
  6. Abbs12 Member Member

    Do you have the link?
  7. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

  8. Abbs12 Member Member

  9. littlebluesonofafish Initiate Member

    I replace mine every few months. This is normal. I will also try the natural leaves. Thanks!
  10. Jess44246 Initiate Member

    I've had mine, a zoo med one, for about 3 years. Last year it started looking like but I haven't seen another to replace it yet. It's rarely used now that I have a new betta anyways - he prefers to go into a Tiki head with an opened mouth and red gem eyes (im sure you've seen that small ornament before).

  11. Sen Member Member

    I had two ZooMed betta hammocks, but I took them out of the tank because the suction cup they came with started to smell gross and also became discolored. Currently I've got some taller anubias and aponogetons in my tanks, and my betta boys seem to prefer to lounge on those.
  12. Jess44246 Initiate Member

    The suction cup of mine turned this gross orangish-color. Cleaning it doesn't help for me - did you ever figure out a way to clean it when you had them?
  13. Sen Member Member

    I tried soaking them in super hot water, but that didn't do much and I didn't really want to try any chemical cleaning agents since the hammocks are intended to be so close to the fish. I ended up just putting the hammocks in a bag with all my other tank storage stuff and tossing out the suction cups.
  14. Jess44246 Initiate Member

    I'll probably just remove the hammock. My male betta doesn't even use it. Thanks!
  15. Abbs12 Member Member

    My suction cup also got pretty dingy and discolored. I use a toothbrush to clean decoration and it worked well except for the small area where you push the leaf in.
  16. herwildidea Initiate Member

    Heads up on the Amazon one, the clamp they use to keep the leaves on rusts in a month...
  17. Something Smells Fishy Member Member

    You prob have a bad 1, I bought 2 hammocks 1 for me and 1 for my 13 lil cousin, mine is fine but her is flaking. I got mine at Pet Supermarket it's under $3 each, pretty cheap.
  18. Jess44246 Initiate Member

    Just got one for $3 (Zoo Med) today at the pet store while getting two danios and a guppy for my big tank.