Betta Killed Catfish?

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Now what?

  1. Wait for last corydora to die and leave the tank with only my betta and clam?

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  2. Purchase more corydoras to increase chance of survival of my last Cory?

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  3. Other (left in comments)

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  1. BettaMommaNew MemberMember

    I turned my light on in my room to wake up my fish and my betta was asleep at the bottom of the tank. Typically he sleeps by my freshwater clam, he’s very protective of it for some reason. This time, as he swam away, I noticed one of my panda corydoras under him. Then, the water from my betta swimming away pushed me catfish over and I realized he was dead.

    And then he breathed but he can’t move so I put him in a specimen tank and realized his tail is bit and identical to the other times my Cory’s died. These two were catfish were getting along with my betta so I don’t know what happened. If this one does, I will only have one left I’m scared my last Cory won’t survive by himself. What do I do?

    And yes, the water parameters are sufficient and they are properly fed. Should I get more corydoras to bring back the “community” or wait for my last one to die :(

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  2. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    I wouldn't be too surprised if the betta was the attacker. Bettas are not really community fish, they can be rather aggressive and some worse than others. This is why most people will say to keep just a betta in the tank. Of course I am be a bit hypocritical because I do have other species with many of my bettas and they do wonderfully together. It just depends on the betta and situation I guess. I've only had one betta go after corries though, he was moved before he could do much damage though.

    Sit back and watch the tank for a good long while. Don't move around too much or I'm sure the betta will start begging instead of going about its usual business. See how your betta interacts with the other cory.

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