Betta Keeps Trying To Eat Snail’s Algae Thins And It’s Getting On My Nerves

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Makayla6676, Apr 10, 2018.

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    I bought two mystery snails 5 days ago and things aren’t going so good. My betta keeps flaring at them which I think is normal right? Also my betta keeps picking at their food and it honestly gets on my everlasting nerves. So I bought them algae thins by top fins because they’re small and cheap and so I put it by the side of tank and the betta keeps going at it and so I move the wafers under the filter where the flow is most strong and he never swims to that part of the tank rarely but when I put the wafers there he started swimming over there trying to eat their food even though he was struggling and it’s kinda getting on my nerves because I always feed him ever other day with freeze dried blood worms and I know this is not a good diet but he wouldn’t eat any of his pellets and I just gave in :// and I fed him so much yesterday that he got a lil lump on his stomach so that’s why I feed him every other day and I thought he was a really picky eater and he would ignore the algae food but I was wrong he keeping going at it and I don’t want him to get sucked in the filter if he doesn’t swim away fast enough so if there’s another food out there for snails that the betta won’t eat? Also I took the the 2nd pellet out and put one of the snails on top of the one and tuned the light off hoping one of them will eat it ://
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    You are probably out of luck. Mine does the same thing. I will usually feed him some betta flakes, since some usually end up ont the gravel and my snail will clean that up. Yours might not go for the betta flakes

    This how my other one ended up in my community tank. Look at that gut! 20180401_094326.jpg
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    For your betta, try soaking pellets in garlic juice for 10 minutes beforehand feeding. This will make the food softer and make it smell good.

    Also, try feeding the snail food an hour after lights off for the tank.
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    Lol, I've tried that too. Sometimes they just keep looking for food after the lights are off. I've heard of people having to take the snails out and feed them in a bowl
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    That’s so annoying but I guess lol maybe I can feed the snails pellets bc he won’t even touch those lol

    Will try this thank you so much
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