Betta just started acting weird

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by martidoll, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. martidollValued MemberMember

    Havent been on here in a while but Bowie my betta who has been through it all with cycling the tank etc just died (OR Is almost dead). He had a day or two last week where he was really really flighty in the tank and almost like he couldnt see but he got over it.

    Today though he sank to the bottom and wouldnt move. I moved him to a smaller container and hung it in his tank so it stays warm. He is now sitting on the bottom not moving.

    He hasnt been acting right for a few days but he still ate and he still would move about the tank but today it looked like he just collapsed.

    I am pretty sure if he is not dead yet he is almost dead. I dont think there is anything i can do but i am just amazed how quickly he went downhill. I dont think it is constipation or anything like that as wouldnt that have shown itself over a period of time?

    He is gone :( i just checked. He just stopped breathing. What a bummer.

    His parameters are fine the tank has been cycled forever,, i check it weekly and do biweekly water changes. I DID just change the water but didnt do anything different and still used Prime like it is going out of style.

    Ammonia is at 0, nitrates at 10 and nothing else. Ph is at 8 per normal. Kh is about 5-7 drops.

    could he just have been older than we thought? his color was fading the last few weeks. am so sad. I am not getting anything else right now as i leave for a work trip next week but i just worry i did something wrong. I did use tap water but had primed it and let it sit. i even washed the filters out in the tap water with prime sitting there.

    UGH i feel horrible. :( Now i am scared to do a water change on the other tank in case something is wrong with my water (Though it does not show any issues on the reg test).
  2. BigzsbettasNew MemberMember

    Sorry for your loss. My 3 year old betta died a couple years ago and I was literary depressed. What is the nitrite level?
  3. GemNew MemberMember

    So sorry for your loss. I am attached to my betta (4 years old) and researched the web like i was taking the bar for appropriate tank mates. If you get another one (I know he won't ever replace the one you lost :(, look i to Glow Light tetras! They do beautifully together.
  4. martidollValued MemberMember

    0 nitrite 0 ammonia 10-20 nitrates, 7.8-8 ph.

    I honestly think he has been not right for a few weeks and just seized up and died. Poor guy. He was so friendly too.

    thanks for the post...
  5. BigzsbettasNew MemberMember

    I think it was a problem he had before you had him, at the store that has gotten worse and killed him because your parameters are good. Again sorry for the loss.

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