Betta Jumped Out Of The Tank! Help!

  1. LucyC Member Member

    Hi, last night my Betta jumped out of its tank! I kept hearing noises like water dripping from the ceiling while I was getting to sleep so I got up to investigate and saw him flopping around on the floor 2 feet from the tank. I immediately put him back in the tank but this morning I noticed that his scales are red and maybe missing and there were these white spots on him. He must have been out of the water for some time because I was hearing the noise for about 30 minutes before I saw him on the floor.

    What should I do? Will he be ok?

    Here's pics:





    Any advise is appreciated!
    Thanks, Lucy:)
  2. Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

    This had has happen to me with my male king, very sad but my dog ate him :( I would talk to @Bruxes and Bubbles About this.
  3. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member


    Wow, he's a real feisty guy. He doesn't look too bad except for a couple of missing scales. Make sure to keep his water really really clean to help with healing and any physical trauma. Hes quite small, and his weight isn't all the much, so he won't take as much damage as something heavier would (for example). Make sure to keep an eye out for any neurological damage and keep up with the WC and even provide stress coat if you want to for the slime coat to recover as well. You can even increase the temp to about 80-82 in the tank as well to boost the metabolism to start working on recovering.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
  4. LucyC Member Member

    Thanks for the reply:)
    I think I'm going to isolate him in a three Gallon with every day water changes, stress coat, and almond leaves. Would aquarium salt help?
  5. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Don't use the salt, that could stress them out more, and the constant source of salinity can be hard on their labyrinth organ. Actually, if you wanted to use Indian Almond Leaves, you won't need the stress coat and the tannins themselves are already very beneficial for them.
  6. LucyC Member Member

    Will I need to isolate him or can I leave him in his tank? And would it be beneficial to use stress coat and almond leaves?
    Thanks, Lucy :)
  7. Bruxes and Bubbles Well Known Member Member


    Sorry for not commenting sooner! Just logged on!

    My one of my girls jumped out of the tank once, and I learned that she did because I felt something a bit squishy by my toe. I put her in a betta cup with clean water, and kept her in there for two days, doing lots water changes.
    Then I released her back into the tank and she's done fine ever since! I made sure to add a lid to that tank, though.

    I think your boy will be fine - he looks a whole lot better than mine did!
  8. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    How big is his normal tank? If it's larger than a 5g, it's better to to keep him in the 3G (I'd put him in the 3G anyways) so you won't have to use as many "materials" and your water changes won't be as big, but it'll still be clean. You can use stress coat and Almond leaves, but the almond leaves are fine one their own; especially for Bettas, the Almond leaves are more powerful than stress coat if you get quite a bit of tannins in the tank.
  9. LucyC Member Member

    His tank is 20 gallons so I will put him in the 3 gallon for now. How long will he need to be in there? Can he have the plants from the other tank, or should there be no decor?
    Sorry for so many questions, I just want to make sure I don't do something wrong:)
  10. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    I'd keep him in there for about a month or so or until you notice his scales have grown back (scales take longer to grow than fins) and he resumes his normal behavior. As for decor, it's okay to have a plant on there if you'd like to give him more security, but unless you have the plant growing well in a pot, like an anubias species, it'll most likely melt in the tank causing a buildup of ammonia. Therefore, if you want to use a fake silk plant, you can give him both security and won't have to worry about melting.

    Also, make sure the 3g tank is cycled, unless you plan on doing pretty large WC (50-60%) daily, then you can get away with "no" filter (or a small one just to suck up some gunk, like a small sponge filter)

    And never too many questions!
  11. LucyC Member Member

    It's not cycled, but how fast would ammonia build up? Could I just use a turkey baster to take out the fish poo, and do every other day water changes?
  12. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    It won't build up too fast because he's only one Betta. And yes, if you turkey baster fish poop (much easier if you do a bare-bottom) and do the large WC, then you should be fine without a filter. If your worried about it tho, you can run your filter from your 20g (if he was the only fish in there) and baffle it really well to have cycled media.
  13. LucyC Member Member

    The 20 gallon isn't cycled either, I just got it last week. I was boiling some new driftwood the other day, would the tannins from that be good for him?
  14. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh ok. Just keep up with water changes then :). The tannins from the driftwood are good as well, but you'll need a constant supply and be fairly concentrated (enough to stain the water a medium-dark tea color) to really have a good effect. Also, use the tannins after the first boil because you don't want any dirt or pathogens that you would find from the initial boil. :).
  15. Manjit Member Member

    as far as i am concerned i wont use stress coat... I would just go for temperature change... I dont much belive in chemicals... Many times they have gone disatourus for me....
  16. twilysparklez Well Known Member Member

    Also to prevent this from happening again. Does your 20 gallon have a lid?