Betta jumped in sink & 2 weeks later has white bump on scale


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Three weeks ago I was cleaning my fish bowl and while pouring out some of the old water my betta (Mochi) decided to swim out into the sink instead staying in the bowl until I could move him into the cup of water while I cleaned the bowl. He flopped into the garbage disposal when I tried to scoop him up, and I got him out but he had soap on him (I had just done the dishes) which of course is horrible for him. I rinsed him off and went to put him in the cup but he JUMPED INTO THE SINK AGAIN (argh!!) and got soap on him AGAIN so I had to rinse him off in untreated water AGAIN...!! He seemed relatively fine except he's been a little more skittish/shy about people approaching his bowl (especially me SAD FACE)... couple weeks later I noticed a white bump that kind of looks like a damaged scale on his back.

First let me say though I have kept fish for over 10 years I'm horrible and I've never checked the pH... I do have a mini bowl heater in my 2 gallon bowl (made specifically for small bowls, keeps it 5-10 degrees above room temp which is usually 60-75, 80 at most). I use purified water with 1.5 Tbsp aquarium salt and stress coat when I change his water. And I usually change about 90% of the water every 2 weeks (I know, I know) because I don't have a filtered tank and suctioning out the bottom of a 2 gallon bowl is not exactly convenient - plus I travel for a living and just don't have the time. I've had bettas for 10 years now (10 gal aquariums in the past) and my first betta lived 5+ years with me doing this so I'm not terribly worried about it. I do check the temp of the water before putting him back in and make sure to mix some of the old water with the new water each time.

I'm semi familiar with fish diseases despite my less than expert status due to having various freshwater fish for the last 20 years - and it's definitely not ich, doesn't look like fungus or parasites or fin rot or anything on my Marycyn fish illness table. Looking around online it seems it might be lymphocystis that has become active probably due to his traumatic experience in the garbage disposal 3 weeks ago. He is a white fish with red accent colors though which makes it hard to identify illness...

When I bought him he was mostly white with some red and he had a couple "dark" white spots on his tail fin (more solid/bright white than the rest of his fins). I thought he might have ich or a fungus so I treated the water with aquarium salts and some Betta Revive (which has been a miracle cure for past Bettas). I started keeping low levels of salts in his bowl all the time because of this. The small white spot, which looked slightly raised, never grew and he never had any abnormal behaviour. Actually he's been the healthiest and most active betta I've had in a while. He had a voracious appetite and swims around happily, in and out of his log, never scratching or darting. As he's aged he's become more red, so I wondered if maybe the white spots were just coloration abnormalities?

A while after I got him I noticed he had a "white scale" on his right side. No bump, just a white scale. But his behaviour didn't change - and since he had a white spot on his tail I thought maybe he's got a "birth mark" or something odd. Now after his accidental visit to our plumbing system he has a white BUMPY scale on his right side...

A week or 2 BEFORE his accident I noticed his appetite had gone down a little... He was an absolute pig and would eat as many pellets as fell in the bowl within 3-5 seconds - 2 to 7 (husband is not as good at dropping small amounts - oops). Then he would only eat 2-3 pellets and leave the rest alone, which was odd. And it started unexpectedly. I thought it was weird but my 5 year old betta did the same thing so I thought maybe he was just hungrier when he was younger and had less of an appetite now... But I do find it odd (and a little disappointing as he's fun to watch eat). But he was still happy and swimmy and making bubble nests regularly so... what am I going to say?

After the sink incident he had the SAME (lowered) appetite... And still was making some bubble nests.. He seemed to eat less while he was making bubble nests (a trend I noticed) but now he's not nesting and still eating less. He is still swimmy and happy, no clamped fins or buggy eyes or swollen gills or fin rot or anything I can tell. Just the spot and lowered appetite (but still eats). He's a little more skittish but not very skittish.

I tried treating him with Marycyn and Betta Revive and salts and there has been no change. I was away for a week and my husband thinks the bump grew a little but it looks the same to me. I am assuming I should just keep his bowl clean and keep him stress-free so he can relax and recover... I was considering getting a filtered tank to help in this??

Photo collage below shows mainly the bumpy white scale on his left side but there is one photo of the flat white scale on his right side as well (for reference). You can also see the white spot on his tail fin (which is more visible when he faces to the right).
Mochi Collage2.png
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WELCOME TO FISHLORE!!!!!!!! (meet the happy, weird guy) Hope you have fun on Fishlore. Party time!

Ok, time to get serious...

I would guess that it got injured. Usually white bumps like that are when a fish gets cut and bacteria moves in. it probably got cut on the disposal. I dont know how to treat it tho, other members can help you with that. Maybe Anders247 can help!


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Hi and welcome to Fish Lore!!! Pleasure to meet you!

Yes, it sounds like it could be water Elliot described, although, what are your water parameters?

As for switching him to a filtered tank, I'm not sure how well he will do with the transition if you plan to move him into the filtered tank and then back into the unfiltered bowl.

Also, if possible, I'd up the water changes in the bowl. At least 90% weekly, imo.

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions!

(Also, elliot5445, Anders is gone for the week.)

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My fish went down the garbage desposal once luckly no soap but his tail was damaged bad and thats it

i used bettafix and all the other stuff to heal his fins i hope your betta will be ok
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