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So a few days ago on Sunday I posted that my betta was sick. He was bloated and flopping around the tank side ways. After not eating for two days, he isn't flopping anymore, but he still looks terrible. He swims around the perimeter of the tank occasionally (normal swimming), but then goes back to hiding behind the filter. It looks like his face is peeling off as well. He is not as bloated as he was before, but he looks worse, and I don't know what to do. Earlier, people said that I was feeding him the wrong stuff (frozen blood worms everyday, when it shouldn't have been doing that), but is it too late for him? Ever since I got him seven months ago, he had these weird bloated poos, but he hasn't had one recently, and for the last few weeks, he has been losing color and slowing getting very sluggish. Water temp is 78, and he gets weekly water changes of between 25 and 40 percent. I don't know the ammonia or anything like that.

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Learn about cycling. Maybe your tank has high ammonia, nitrite, nitrate.
Do a 30% water change.
Add a drop of garlic juice. It may help. (I use it and it is safe for my betta and neons)
Also try feeding him the pea. Blanch it, Remove the shell, cut in small pieces that he can swallow. This will take care of bloating.
If you plan on feeding him, give him micro pellet (soak in water for 2mins before feeding) or fresh shrimp. I use fresh shrimp for my fish as a food. Blanch it and cut in tiny pieces and feed it.
Also keep water quality pristine and gravel vac, daily until he gets better.


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I would recommend getting a water testing kit - the API liquid tests are pretty good. If that's not do-able at the moment, your local fish store will likely do free water testing. Just take them a sample, but be sure to get the readings for Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate and PH, not just 'your water's good/not good', as the details can be very helpful in pointing you in the right direction on figuring out what's going on with your betta. If you can post some better pictures of his face, that would be great too.
You'll find that many of the folks on this forum are very knowledgeable and always willing to help! The more info you can provide, the better!

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