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Betta Is Lethargic And Pale Help | Page 2

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Janelie, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    It works almost instantly.

  2. Janelie New Member Member

    Are there any other precautions I should take when transporting my fish?
    I have the tank ready. I had the filter running for a bit but my dad suggested that I should turn it off because the cartridge is old and we need to get a new one. After I turned it off, I added the water conditioner that I use (AquaSafe from the brand Tetra).

  3. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    Keep the filter running but put the cartridge from the 1 gallon in if you still have it.

  4. Janelie New Member Member

    The cartridge is small. The filter for the 10gal tank is different than the other one.
  5. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    I know, but it might still harbor some beneficial bacteria and will help seed the new cartridge. If it hasn't been thrown away or left to dry, go ahead and put it in.
  6. Janelie New Member Member

    So, what if it was left to dry? Should I wet it in the new tank's water?
  7. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    If it's dried out don't worry. All the bacteria on it will have died, just wait to get a new cartridge.
  8. Janelie New Member Member

    Okay, thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.

    I just added her in after acclimating her for about 5 minutes (I made sure the temperatures were the same). She swam around for a bit, which I would think is a good sign. Now, she's at the bottom of the tank resting. Hopefully, she prospers in her new tank, thank you all so much for the advice and the help. I truly appreciate it, have a wonderful night.
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  9. Evee Valued Member Member

    Keep us updated!!
  10. Janelie New Member Member

    UPDATE: As soon as I added her in the 10-gallon tank, Bertram seemed much happier and she swam around for a bit. When I woke up this morning, however, she was at the bottom of the tank sleeping and she was very pale (almost translucent). I tapped the glass lightly just to make sure she was alive, and, luckily, she was; she started swimming around and got a little bit of color back to her. I gave her some food, which she ate. I noticed that the temperature was 72 degrees Fahrenheit so I added in the heater. When the temperature was 72 degrees, Bertram spent most of her time at the bottom of the tank. Now the temperature is about 80 degrees and she is at the top of the water in a corner. She is definitely still alive, but she's just floating there. Should I be worried?

    Thank you again for your help!
  11. Frankieflowaz Valued Member Member

    Bad to do thay your killing all good bacteria your fish need if there qas any built up
  12. Evee Valued Member Member

    She is not coming down at all? Mmm she shouldn’t stay at the top for so long, the only go up to get oxygen. So there could be a problem with the oxygen in the tank. Can you post a pic? Also, did you check the water? And do you know the watts for your heater? Since your house is hot, it might be higher than 80 degrees. We need to make sure it’s not too hot for her, also the water temperature cannot be changing so fast and drastically, she can go into shock.
  13. Frankieflowaz Valued Member Member

    Also never change your filter cartridge for a new one never ever just rinse them with old tank water while doing a water change every month or so never use tap water or you'll kill all bacteria you've worked to get!
  14. Janelie New Member Member

    Alright, I will do that from now on, thank you for the advice!

    Since I last wrote the message, she has swum down to the bottom a few times. However, she does spend the majority of her time in the same corner. Right now, she's at the bottom of her tank by her plant. She is definitely moving around more.
    I don't know the watts of my heater, the numbers of the settings wore off over the years (it was a hand-me-down from my uncle); I have it at a low setting so that the temperature gradually would get higher.
    How can I make the oxygen better for her? Will removing the lid of the tank help?


    The first two (they're the same lol) are her resting at the bottom of her tank. The last one is her swimming around. She usually gets excited when she sees me, so I was glad when she started to swim towards me.
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  15. Evee Valued Member Member

    Yayy that means she is feeling better! Let’s hope she gets better. And about the oxygen, if the water is too hot the oxygen will decrease, so make sure the water is not too hot! Other than that you just need to wait and see if she goes back to normal :) You are doing everything good now :)
  16. Janelie New Member Member

    Alright, thank you so much!! I will continue to update until she feels better. :)
  17. Frankieflowaz Valued Member Member

    Also could be stress from moving tanks some fish take time to settle in a new surrounding
  18. Janelie New Member Member

    Is there anything I can do to make her less stressed or should I just wait it out?
  19. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    Turn out the lights, give her some peace and quiet, and just wait. She'll perk up once she adjusts.
  20. Do0kski Valued Member Member

    I don't believe you made any mistakes. Sounds like you did everything right. My instant thought is something changed where you lost some of your cycles. You shouldn't be seeing any Nitrites and you should have Nitrates. Ammonia and Nitrites can destroy a fish in no time. The symptoms start out so slow and overnight the fish looks like death. Unfortunately, that's what this is. The best advice I can give do small water changes daily and add Quick Start and a stress reducer. Fresh Trace also if you have. It'll add nutrients to the water, kinda like vitamins.