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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Slark, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. SlarkValued MemberMember

    I have 10 gallon tank doing cycle & I want to buy betta. I want to know that how much flow of water is good for betta as local pet store guy gave me 660 l/h one filter.Also I want to know about Betta tank mates as I have unplanted aquarium(only artificial plants).I also heard Betta confuses neon tetra are Betta. And how will I feed them together and what food is good.
    Edit: I want a male Betta.
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  2. BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    You don't want too much flow. A sponge filter would be best. If the flow is too much you can baffle it.

    The minimum tank size for keeping bettas with other fish is 20 gallons. You could add some shrimp and snails though. Neon tetras need cooler water than bettas

  3. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember


    A low water flow is preferred, especially for the long finned varieties; they are super pretty but terrible swimmers! Bettas are generally okay with anything that isn't known to normally known to be aggressive themselves (ex: cichlids), however, this depends on your Betta. You will want to watch his behavior concerning other fish to make sure he isn't harassing them or vice versa. For the neon tetras, they can have fin-nipping tendencies, which isn't good for bettas, so I'll want to want to watch them. Anyhow, if ur Betta does terrorize then, they are usually too quick for him to catch. However, that doesn't mean that's a good thing; u don't want ur tetras to be escaping from a neighbor their whole lives.
    As a side note, if you aren't bent on having a one Betta and neons, and for your sized tank, you could even have a Betta sorority; those are really interesting (if your interested, let me know if you want some more info)
    As for feeding, they should be fine with flake food, however, I know too many Betta who are set on just eating pellets (Betta pellets made for them) and r too stubborn to convert. (Mine definetly known the difference!)

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
  4. FishL:))Well Known MemberMember

    A ten gallon aquarium is the perfect size for your Betta. Fast moving water flow is hard on Bettas so I recommend you buy a low water flow HOB or a sponge filter. Nerite Snails and Ghost Shrimp are my favorite fish/Shrimp I recommend for Bettas. I believe Neons need differences water temperatures than Bettas so I wouldn't. :)
  5. Katelyn DunnValued MemberMember

    For my betas I do a DIY air driven filter. You can find the one I use at creativepetkeeping on YouTube. I use two of them in my ten gallon with two bettas (its a divided tank).
  6. FishL:))Well Known MemberMember

    I love creativepetkeeping!! :)
  7. Katelyn DunnValued MemberMember

    She's really knowledgeable when it comes to bettas!
  8. FishL:))Well Known MemberMember

    Yeah. :) Have you seen her baby bettas?!!! They are super cute!!
  9. Katelyn DunnValued MemberMember

    Yes! They are so cute!

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