Betta In Bad Shape

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    My mother bought a Betta fish about a month ago. At the time her tank was cycled at 0 ammonia and nitrite with 5 nitrates. There was 3 year old gravel in that tank that we took out and replaced a day prior to getting the Betta (My mistake) the tank is 2.5 gallons planted with a bubbler, no filter. It’s not heated as I live in Florida and water is naturally 78 degrees.
    We bought the Betta, acclimated him, then added him to the tank. He was fine for about 3 days, very pretty, nice fins 0 issues and active. Then the tank started to recycle and we had big issues. In the first week we had an ammonia spike of .50ppm. We did water changes. I added bioballs and rings from my established filter in a stocking to her tank. Along with water from my 38 gallon. The Betta was showing torn fins and reddened ends. He was very lathergic. 4 days passed. The ammonia dropped to 0 and nitrite was up to .80ppm. Again we did 50% water changes every other day. About a week passed. Yesterday I checked the levels (with api liquid test kit) and the ammonia and nitrite are at 0 with nitrate at 30ppm. The Betta has been more active; however he looks horrible considering he’s just been through . My question is what can I do for him to help him heal and make him more comfortable? I’ll post pics of his current fin situation. Can he recover from this? I have kanaplex, and ich meds among with aquarium salt. I’m not opposed to buying something else to help him heal up. This is my mother’s fish so I don’t want her to feel guilty if he dies. Can he recover? Should I move him on a breeder box to my 8 month established 38 gallon?

    If your wondering diet and such he gets a mix of live bloodworms, frozen dalphina, and omega one Betta pellets.

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    Keep up with the water changes and maybe add some indian almond leaves? They're supposed to help heal fin damage. I would avoid medicating unless he actually has ich. Give him some time, Bettas recover from being sold in those terrible little cups and you sound like you're on top of things.
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    Make sure that the water in the tank temp is stable at a temp of or between 78-80 degrees 24/7.
    Do Not treat for any illness without a definite diagnosis
    But you can always add A stress coat procuct like Seachums Paragaurd. and it would help him regrow those little nicks in his fins. and help him grow and keep a strong slime coating.
    Bettas are sensitive to salt and i would avoid that. Salt can add up when you are not testing for it, as it never evaporates, and I dont recomend it for freshwater tank. A slime coat product added to all new water acclomplishes the same thing without the risks.
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    The best cure is clean water. I had a betta who was a doulble tail and the top part was rotted away almost to the body after it got tore, clean water helped him heal up and he almost has his whole tail grown back.
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    I think you’re right. I’ve been doing water changes every other day now and his fins are improving along with his attitude!

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