Betta In A Community Setup.

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  1. mccann1987

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    I read yesterday that Betta fish can be included in a community setup aslong as the tank is a minimum of 20g. The tank I have is a 23g 3foot long tank which is stocked with 10 neon tetra and 4 amano shrimp with a temp of 22c. I am aware that Bettas mainly should be kept in there own tank alone and also that Neon Tetras can nip longer finned fish.

    However based on what I read do you think it may be possible to house a Betta in my tank with 10 neon tetra. I'm pretty sure the answer will be NO due to reasons I gave above and feel silly for asking but i'm curious due to what I read.

  2. Lorekeeper

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    It really all depends on the betta.

    With the neons in a largish school and a 3 foot tank, I think nipping would be minimal to nonexsistent. No threat from the amanos.

    However, some bettas will absolutely despise any other fish in it's territory, and will attack anything that moves.

    At the same time, some will be fine with fish. It all depends on the betta.
  3. aquatickeeper

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    I won't do it, due to temperature incompatiblity. Neon tetras like water below 24 degrees and betta like water at least 26 degrees. Keeping it at 22 degrees is great for the neons but not for the betta. Your betta will be stressed out and will have a shorter lifespan if continued to be kept like this
  4. OP

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    Think i will give it a miss but thanks for the info. Looking for a centre piece fish really to be kept with the tetras.

    Any suggestions.
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  5. Lorekeeper

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    My bad, didn't see the temp!

    There is temp incompatibility as listed above. Some people keep neons in warmer water with no issues, however I'd advise against it. Bettas should definitely not be housed in cold water.
  6. BottomDweller

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    I agree, they are not temperature compatible.

    Instead of a betta how about a peacock goby, bolivian ram or honey gourami?
  7. Anders247

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    I agree, they need warmer temps than neons.
    A honey or dwarf gourami would be much better.
  8. OP

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    Thanks would a bolivian ram be a threat to the amano shrimp.
  9. Anders247

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    It could be, but I think it would be fine. It would depend on the individual ram.