Betta Id Please

  1. ~EverythingsSoSawbwa~

    ~EverythingsSoSawbwa~ Valued Member Member

    Saw a betta at my LFS today. Sadly I didn't have the camera with me so couldn't get a photo. I found a picture on the Internet of one that looks just like him. He was in a cup so I couldn't really see what the tail type was. But he has the same colors as the one in the link.

    Can anyone ID this betta? I really liked him.....oh no....I want another tank now ;):p

    Thank you! :)

  2. Cheesearmada

    Cheesearmada Valued Member Member

    That looks to me like a half moon betta or a delta.
  3. WhatsUpGuys

    WhatsUpGuys Valued Member Member

    Probably a halfmoon or delta tail, and just multicolored.
  4. OP

    ~EverythingsSoSawbwa~ Valued Member Member

  5. WhatsUpGuys

    WhatsUpGuys Valued Member Member

    No, he's just a multicolored betta. He would need very clean distinct bands to be called a Thai flag betta.