Betta Ich Help!

  1. Rana Member Member

    As I mentioned before in my post I had a betta..I recently moved him to my 5 gallon tank been 4-5 days . He is only my himself with plants. He looks happy playing all day , not like before hiding in my community tank . But today morning I saw he's having ich, white salt type dots like 6-9 throughout his body. I read many forums and raised the temperature to 30° C as I saw in most articles that this is the sufficient temperature to get rid of ich. I even have medicines which is anti bacterial and anti fungal. It's from Grand fish brand. No other brand are available here unfortunately. So is the temperature rise enough for my betta to be fine as before? Please let me know . And m doing 30% water changes daily.
  2. Planted Aquatics Member Member

    I'm sorry to hear that. Could you upload a picture of him so I could see his ich? Also, 30 C in my opinion is too high. I think 28 C would be best, but slowly drop the temperature. If you want to prevent ich which is too late now, you can dose your tank with garlic.

  3. Rana Member Member

    the pics. Please do check and say what I can do. And what is garlic dose? Btw I have put my heater at 30C , it's 25 watt Nd I have a thermometer . Which is showing the temp at 29. The heater is not even on. It only turns if I put the temperature at 32 -35 C just to check if it's working. And it against turns off withing seconds. How long it takes to increase temperature for a 25 watt heater?

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  4. Manjit Member Member

    what kind of thermometer are you using....
    thats why its preffered to use 2small heaters... they are more accurate for raising temp....

  5. Rana Member Member

    It's buoy glass thermometer. And just noticed it has raised a very little...not sure though. And how do I fit 2 heaters in my small 5 gallon tank?
  6. Manjit Member Member

    i would suggest getting a digital one... buoy glass thermometers in my opinion are inaccurate... it takes some time to rise up or get down...

    as for ich I would suggest to keep the temperature at 29-30 for some time... and do add a airstone for surface agitation as in warm water oxygen and other gases escape
  7. Rana Member Member

    I see. I only got few glass thermometers in my lfs and he said it would be the best so I took it. He had no digital. I will get one from Amazon asap but what about the betta

    I did. Is that enough to kill it? I heard I need the constant temperature for 10-14 days

  8. Manjit Member Member

    yes... It takes some time... you can use malanchite green aswell... but I would personally give temp treatment 4-5 days time..
    ich sometimes gets worse before vanishing...

    never listen to LFS they only care about selling there products....
  9. Rana Member Member

    OK..I have kept the heater at 30c for the moment. The thermometer is almost there catching up late. I hope he gets wll.. Btw he's playing well as he used to do
  10. Manjit Member Member

    if you can get your hands on aquarium salt...
    1 tablespoon for 4 liters...
    this also helps

  11. Rana Member Member

    Was out of stock in my lfs
  12. Manjit Member Member

    give it some time...
    dont panic
  13. Rana Member Member

    Ok. Thx for the help. I will post updates
  14. DavidaCannan Initiate Member

    Does a higher temps tire help to prevent ich?
  15. Manjit Member Member

    Always having such high temperature is not good for the fish....
    by raising temperature you speed up the life cycle of the ich... it grows faster and fall off from the body of the fish to reproduce/multiply....
    after getting rid of the ich you have to throughly clean your aquarium.....remember with high temperature you have to provide high aeration as oxygen escapes faster from water... no aeration will lead to suffocation

    but dont go higher than 30 or else you will have boiled fish...
  16. Manjit Member Member

    hows ur betta doing
  17. Rana Member Member

    He's active and playing as usual, and yesterday I saw 5-6 white spots on his body , today there's only 2 from the morning, I did a 30% water change and siphoned the gravel dirts. The ich didn't seem to have affected him so much yet. He's happy jumpin around. Temperature is between 29-30 ..everything looks ok so far
  18. Manjit Member Member

    good... soon you will see it free from Ich... then reduce the temperature slowly and clean your tank throuhly... even you decorations and substrate
  19. Planted Aquatics Member Member

    Update on the betta?
  20. Rana Member Member

    Two more white spots seems went down. He's active as usual:D . And too aggressive: X