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  1. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    Anything that is designed to improve water quality is going to prevent fin rot because it's just a bacterial issue. It's like when a person gets a cut and it becomes red and inflamed. That's an infection, but if they're fighting off a cold and they don't have a healthy diet and they're in the middle of Russia in the winter time, their immune system is going to be garbage and that little tiny cut and inflammation is going to turn into a full grown wound eating away at the skin. That's essentially what happens to most of bettas when they get a little tiny cut in poor water conditions

    I didn't mean to make you defensive, I am just letting you know what I know. I used to use distilled water to, and I had no issues before, but when I switch to using tap water I realized that I was having much healthier, colorful, energetic, longer-lasting fish. You can add hard water to the tank by using a GH booster like the one that seachem makes called equilibrium, I believe, and add KH to the water using crushed Coral and add little drop of the vitamins to the water, if you really want to
  2. Zhuntress Initiate Member

    Just got back from the store getting water. Everyone in here is so wonderful with your advice and I truly appreciate it. Ok, I am on well water and its horid - I don’t even give it to my dogs and softner companies won’t rent systems or warranty them for more than 30 days. Right now it’s actually a battle with monthly meetings with the county to get water. I try to get spring water when possible but in this area everyone is in the same position so it sells out quick, distilled is always available. I have a water test kit coming, currently only have ammonia strips which read very dangerous with the plants and when I first saw his tail. Since he has 100% fresh water, I cleaned his hiding places with boiling water and he has new gravel and plastic plants also cleaned with boiling water. All were cooled of course before I put him back with them plus his tank was cleaned with very warm fresh water. All water used to clean was bottled.
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    Plants don't help with ammonia, they eat nitrates. Is your tank cycled?
  4. Zhuntress Initiate Member

    I am sorry honey, the bad thing about writing and not talking you don’t actually see or hear the person lol I wasn’t getting defensive honey I am just lost and was saying that I have had bettas for years and love these guys. I never had problems before and yes I used spring water when possible but I lived somewhere well populated at the time. I haven’t ever tried using tap water bc of the chemicals in city water from the last place but here I have well and omg it is the worst. People literally fight over the spring water here, it’s crazy so I am kind of limited unless I drive over an hour away to shop. I have ordered everything you mentioned thru Amazon and I have done the water change, added the peroxide and now I am praying. I do have one more question though - how often should I change the water and add the peroxide? I was changing the water daily and putting the furan 2 in - should I do the same with the peroxide?
  5. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    He is so bad that I would do it once a day but that's really a question for @david1978
  6. Zhuntress Initiate Member

    It was being filtered until I started with the medication. The directions said to stop until treatment is complete.
  7. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    Go ahead and keep filtering and get the tank cycled
  8. Zhuntress Initiate Member

    How often should I change the water and add peroxide at this point?

    How often do you recommend I change the water and add the peroxide?
  9. david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    Have me thinking on this one. Lol. Im not usually the remedy person but if it was my fish i would do it every other day. Both the water change and the peroxide for a week and then see what happens.
  10. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    I forgot to mention, you might want to buy the frozen food and get some really long tongues and try to feed him with that food rather than trying to drop dry food in there for him. Hold it right in front of his face and see if he'll eat it. The protein will help him heal once you kill off the bacteria
  11. Zhuntress Initiate Member

    I am sad to report, after a good fight, my tough guy Diablo swam away to the big pond in the sky. :( I had tried all I could, tested the water keeping it in range, the medications, and everyone's advice but I just couldn't get him to eat. He started acting really bad yesterday morning and by mid day he was gone. I went in to the pet store that I purchased the live plants from to let them know what happened and to my surprise the young lady informed me I wasn't the only customer to lose fish due to the plants purchased - they had a batch of disease infested plants come in and several customers lost fish and some people whole tanks!! I was offered a new fish but that doesn't replace my little Diablo and right now I just can't. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful advice and trying to help save my little guy.
  12. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    Sorry love! Whenever you are ready you should buy new plants and qt the tank for a month