Betta Has Turned Completely White

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    Hi everyone! My Betta Sriracha is a year old and over the past 5-6 months he has slowly gone from being a vibrant bright red to practically all white. He has always acted fine, very social until last night. Last night he wouldn’t come out of his house, tucked himself in the very bottom and was very lethargic. When he finally came out of his house, I noticed he was so much more white than before. I was so sure that last night was the end for him and it broke my heart. I woke up this morning and he is back to his normal social self, swimming, eating and watching me do dishes lol. Should I be concerned? He lives in a 5 gallon tank with a filter, has a heater that keeps him at 78 degrees and I change his water 75% every couple of weeks. We have now renamed in The Night King.

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  2. Fanatic

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    Nope nothing wrong with him, he's a marble, which means he possesses a specific type of gene that allows them to change color throughout their life, he's beautiful!
  3. bUtTerCUp

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    you have nothing to worry about! he's soo beautiful!
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    I'd test your water parameters just to be safe if I were you. You want 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrite and Nitrate under 40ppm. Also with a 5 gallon tank you really should be doing a 50% water change at least once a week to keep him in the best possible health. I hope he's doing good anyway and he was just having an off night!
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    Should I change the water and then test or should I test it now to see?
  6. DillonPhoenix

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    I'd test before the water change and if there are any issues with the water parameters you will know if you need to take any action.
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    The night king I LOVE IT! BRILLIANT!
  8. Lajos

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    Your water change is not enough. You should change his water once a week and not once every few weeks.
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    If it were me I would be doing no less than a 50% water change every week instead of one larger one every couple of weeks or so but then I actually change out 50% of the water in my 5.5 gallon tank each week and it only have a few ramshorn and assassin snails in it.

    I am a firm believer in the fact that fresh clean water is necessary for the health of my water pets. All of my tanks get at least 50% of their water changed each week. I do it all with buckets so it is a bit of work but I am willing to do it to keep all my pets healthy.
  10. Lajos

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    Yes, you are absolutely right.

    You have to do large water change especially for smaller tanks.
    I change at least 70-80% of water for all my smaller tanks once a week.

    For bigger tank(above 25gallons), I change at least 60% of water once a week. And once a month, I will change about 80% of water to remove thr Nitrate as much as possible
    All my fish are healthy and eating very well.

    You will also need to remove/siphon out the waste in your tank every week.
    And clean your filters from accumulation of waste probably once every 2-3 weeks.

    Frequent water changes is the most important for fish health and for the fish to thrive.

    In the wild, during the raining seasons, the water in the river keep changing(being renewed) frequently, and there is almost unlimited volume of water.
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    Just my 2 cents. Since it is such a small tank I would recommend daily water changes of 1 gallon. I used a 32oz pitcher I could just dunk in mine 4 times. Super easy and quick and could be considered a 100% weekly change without any risk of shock to the fish.
  12. Bubba's Mom

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    Thank you Lajos for valuable info! I have only owned one fish-Bubba my sweet Betta- and do to conflicting advise for local LFS - I allowed Nitrate to go up to 160 not knowing how crucial it is to keep it under 40= poor thing was stressed and has had an avalanche of issues. I never have tested for GH but will as he is now getting older ( prob 2 - i got him almost a year and a half ago) Profile image is of him last Spring when he was growing out his fins after horrible fin rot ( a week after purchasing him at Petsmart ). His fins are nowhere as bright and his mouth, chin under gill area is staring to look paler.
    The stress of the high Nitrate al,most did him in and has battled a second round of Fin Rot ( now cured) after that and what we think may have been flukes- which think Prazipro got rid of. Now on second week of Metroplex recipe to feed for white poop- almost bugger like. Coming along with that too. I swear all have been the result of almost three weeks of nigh Nitrates.
    He is hungry and active but not looking as pretty. but still my boy and will make him as happy for however long he has left.
    I have him in a modified Fluval Spec 5 gallon- and doing as you say 50% WC for the past few weeks. THX and all pls watch those Nitrates!
  13. Lajos

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    Glad to hear tht your fish is recovering.

    If your fish has ammonia or nitrite poisoning, you can do a Methylene Blue dip for the fish.
    Methylene blue will help to improve oxygen level in the fish blood.

    All the best.
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