Betta Has Swim Bladder Issues I Believe Need Help Help

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Byron Wilkinson, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Byron WilkinsonNew MemberMember


    I’ve had my Male Betta for a little over a year and he’s been absolutely fine and then one day he had swim bladder problems and found it hard to swim and sank all the time?

    I’ve been medicating him and I’ve kept him in a breeder box at the top of the tank for over 2 weeks but he’s still in the same shape...

    I’ve fed him pees etc and he isn’t constipated, and I’ve done medications as well as moving him to a hospital tank and that hasn’t worked either.

    I feed frozen food daily and he used to live in a heated cycled 5 gallon with great perimeters. I know the water isn’t much of a problem as he’s in a divided tank (10 gallon total) with another Betta for over 5 months prior.

    I was wondering is there anything else I can try and also if anyone has experienced this?

    Thanks if anyone answers!
  2. FishGirl38Well Known MemberMember

    What have you been using to medicate? What medication, how long have you used that medication?

    Is he bloated at all? Scales raised at all?

    When feeding frozen food, are you feeding him different types of food, or only one type of frozen food?

    You seem to have covered most of the bases with what could be wrong, I'm just speculating maybe it's bacterial related and you're not treating for the right bacteria (gram-positive v.s. gram-negative) or perhaps its dropsy rather than a swim bladder issue? perhaps he's deficient in something (total shot in the dark) maybe giving him a more varied diet might help (like spirulina brine, or algae based flake?)
  3. Byron WilkinsonNew MemberMember

    That’s the funny thing he doesn’t have raised scales which is odd and also he gets a varied diet of daphnia, blood worms, brine shrimp and also the odd pellet.

    I have used swimbladder medication but it has done nothing so I’m wondering if it’s a bacterial infection like you are saying but I’m not 100% sure.

    I’ve got internal bacteria medication and also general cure which one do you think is probably more appropriate?

    (Also thank you so much for answering!)
  4. FishGirl38Well Known MemberMember

    Well, I would probably try the internal bacteria medication, and then Id try general cure if the internal bacterial meds arent making a difference. Pay attention to the active ingredient in the medication youre using and google what kinds of bacteria that ingredient will eradicate (gram positive or gram negative) essentially, if that medication doesnt work and it 'treats' gram positive bacteria (for example) then ultimately you can assume what youre dealing with is gram negative or parasitic.
  5. BettaMom98Valued MemberMember

    Do NOT feed peas, there is a lot of misinformation on the internet saying shelled peas help constipation, swim bladder, ect. That is FALSE. Also, fast him for a day or two, turn the tank light off and cover with a towel to reduce stress. Also, can you show a picture of him, I just want to eliminate another theory.