Betta Has Mild Fin Rot, Help. Important

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    Hello all!
    I have two male Betta Fish in a divided 10 gallon tank. The first fish in the pictures is Apollo he is a male Betta around 11 months old. I’m not sure what type of Betta he is though. Apollo has the mild fin rot his symptoms are
    -almost complete tail loss
    -White stuff at the tip of his tail
    -jagged tail edges
    He still eats but he dosent swim as much as he used to. The second Betta Fish has the start of fin rot his name is Dumbo. He is an Elephant ear Halfmoon Male Betta Fish around 9 months old. He still acts normal but his fins are jagged uneven and have black tips. I order Melafix, aquarium salt, and a new heater online but it won’t get here till next week. I plan on cleaning the entire tank out and giving the decorations a wash and the gravel a rinse. I’m also going to replace one of the filters with a slightly larger one to help keep the water cleaner. I believe they got fin rot because of my slack. I had a back injury and it makes water changes hard to do and painful so I had missed a couple water changes here and there. I normally do %50 water changes every other week because I only have 2 fish in a 10G and it’s been a running and established tank for about a year. I finally figured out an easy way to clean the tanks without hurting myself and so I got back on track with water changes recently. The heater also stopped working apparently so there water has been at about 74-75 degrees (which is awful ik) for who knows how long. I never noticed there issues with the fins as the tank is heavily planted with live plants so I rarely have time to look at them. I really only seen them when I feed them. Any advice on what to do until the medicine and heater gets here? Any other treatments or tricks to help them heal faster? Here are the pictures:

    Thank You!
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