Betta Has Black Growth On Body

  1. RumbleBee Initiate Member

    edited::New pictures.

    My Betta (Mr.Fishy) has a black/gold growth on his side, but not on his fins. It's been getting a little bigger recently. This picture is from today. The scales look like they're raising. The spot is gold (was black) and kind of shimmery like the rest of his scales. He's acting normal - eating tons, relaxing, exercising, flaring at his reflection. Thanks for the help :)

    20170717_190845.jpg 20170717_190727.jpg
  2. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Looks like some kind of tumor or can even be parasitic cause , well i am not being able to judge by the pic or the video
  3. Deerp Initiate Member

    As said above it may be a tumor or parasitic cause. What do you feed him? How much? Are there any live plants in his tank? Are there any other fish in his tank? If only I was a veternarian.
  4. RumbleBee Initiate Member

    He gets frozen bloodworms and little pellets. He's got a live plant, but it was added recently, after he already had the growth. He's hit a frog and snail in there with him. Frog seems to be normal, but we did have one of our snails pass away about a week ago.

  5. Shadow2331 Member Member

    now it looks to me like some kind of parasitic infection, have you noticed the growth growing bigger?? is he acting normal?? have you noticed any change in his behavior??
  6. RumbleBee Initiate Member

    He's acting normal still. It's definitely gotten bigger.
  7. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Well if he is acting normal and it is getting bigger it is definitely a tumor, now we need to know what kind of tumor is it and does it have any cure, Many tumors do not have cure and you have to remove it surgically.