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Betta Has A Large Bump On One Side. Tumor? Help

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Diab, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Diab New Member Member

    Photos here:

    This has been present for some time now. I thought he was just getting chubby because it's really hard to see him in his tank. He's dark and so is the gravel. I looked at him more closely from above today though and noticed that he definitely has a big bump on one side towards the back, and seemingly a smaller bump on the other side in the middle (last picture, I know it's fuzzy).

    He's swimming and eating like normal, following my finger around just fine. Not sinking to the bottom nor floating at the top. Sleeping seemingly well. He is fed regularly with pellets, 4-5 twice a day. His tank is a 5-gallon and has a heater and filter. 50% water changes are done regularly and he's been in his tank for probably about half a year now.

    Is this a tumor? Do they just happen randomly? Does it cause him any discomfort? What can I do besides water changes?

    Thank you.

  2. upinak Valued Member Member

    It almost resembles a tumor. I wish the photos were lighter.

  3. Diab New Member Member

    Thank you for your response. I'm sorry for not responding right away.. I just became so sad for the poor fishie.

    His condition has changed. In the past week or more, he has been at the bottom of the tank almost all the time. He does swim up to breathe once in a while and does not seem to have much difficulty doing so. But it still makes me wonder if perhaps he has a swim bladder disorder in addition or instead of a tumor.

    He also does come up at feeding time to eat pellets just fine, and then drops to the bottom directly after.

    I can fast him for a day and see if he improves, but on the other hand, that might be detrimental for him if he does just have a tumor. Any advice here?

  4. MariaCee New Member Member

    Wow. The only pictures I’ve seen that looked like that are pics of Bettas with dropsy. I can tell you, from advice I received from a fish vet, that you are overfeeding. Overfeeding can lead to swim bladder issues which can eventually lead to dropsy. The picture isn’t very clear but it looks like it is happening on both sides? And in the pic it looks like “pineconing” is happening. That’s why I say it resembles pics I’ve seen about dropsy. I’m no expert though. But it can’t hurt to follow recommendations for dropsy of 25% water change daily and to add a little aquarium salt per directions. Again, I’m no expert. Maybe fast him for 3 days as the vet recommended for swim bladder issues from overfeeding. That’s my recommendation but I have limited experience. Hopefully, you’ll get an expert on here soon with a definitive answer.
  5. Diab New Member Member

    My fiance took some more recent photos and video, here:

    I'll try the aquarium salt and water changes and will look into dropsy, thank you!
  6. MariaCee New Member Member

    Okay, that is definitely more pronounced on one side. Do you have an antibiotic for him in case it is Dropsy? That can kill them rather quickly so don’t wait on antibiotics if your further research makes you believe that might be it. I hope he can fight this off successfully. Good luck to you both.
  7. Diab New Member Member

    I did not have an antibiotic but ordered some Seachem Kanaplex after reading your reply and seeing this problem on another thread. It will arrive on Sunday and we'll try that. We're trying fasting for a couple days in the meantime. Thank you for the well wishes!
  8. Heathen Valued Member Member

    Any updates on the betta?
    Usually, tumors are misshapen and have white lesion type marks on the body of the fish at times Nothing can be done for them aside from making them comfy till the end.
    Dropsy is a symptom of organ failure, and while some do find success in treating it with certain things there is no real cure for it and it comes back.
  9. Diab New Member Member

    I'm sorry, I've been meaning to make an update on all the forums I posted in about this, but I've been too distraught to do much of anything.

    Our poor little fishie boy passed away that Sunday, April 21st.

    We had just gotten him a beautiful silk plant that I put in the day prior and we saw he swam to reposition himself inside it on some of the leaves, so I'm glad he got to enjoy it a little bit. We went to break the fast on Sunday with some Daphnia but he was not moving at all. It's when I carefully moved his body that we realized he was not breathing at all.

    Fishie was my first pet, and so his death really broke me. I've been in a depression for this past week and just now starting to be able to think about him without crying all the time...

    We had a small wooden box that my fiance painted a betta on and that will be his coffin and we are arranging a small tombstone with a family friend and going to bury him.

    Thank you everyone for your help but it seems that Fishie was just too far gone.
  10. Heathen Valued Member Member

    Giving you a little heart-it's not much but it's something. Sorry about your fish, you did all that you could tho so there is some comfort in that.
  11. MariaCee New Member Member

    I’m so sorry hon. Dropsy is usually fatal. I know it would break my heart if I lost my Louie like that. When you’re ready to try again, there’s a lot of good info out there on betta sites that are reputable so you don’t have to sort through all the bad info out there. I’ve learned most fish foods have directions for feeding that are completely wrong for Bettas. Wishing you all the best in your time of grief.