Betta & Goldfish??? HELP

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    im new here and i have two bettas and my little sister has a goldfish. One of my bettas was looking bad so i put him in with the goldfish, which has a bigger tank. I know that Bettas work with some fish and a friend told me its ok to put them with goldfish. Also, i know that bettas can get aggresive with goldfish. I have been observing the two fish and i really noticed that the betta is chasing and terrozing the goldfish. He is actuall chasing the goldfish A LOT. Will this change? Is it ok? What damage does it do? Will the goldfish have a miserable life??? I feel bad. Honestly I want the best for them. Basically is it okey to let them "settle their differences" or should I interfere and seperate them?
    Will it stress the goldfish tooo much or what?? PLEASE SOMEONE give me some advice!!!!!


    Animal Luver!
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    Bettas prefer warm temperatures such as 78-80 degrees, and gold fish are cool water fish and prefers 55-70 degrees this makes them very incompatible as tank mates.
    The male Betta will chase any kind of long fins because they see it as another male betta.( I assume it's a male betta) ;) Two male bettas in the same tank will fight usually until one is very beat up or dead.
    The bettas need at least 5 gallons of water each. and the goldfish needs at least 10 Gallons preferably 20 Gallons because they produce so much waste. Hope that helps.
    By the was WELCOME TO FISHLORE!!! :D ;D
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    Butterfly has it down.
    i totally agree.
    Adds my welcome to the pile.