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    I will introduce myself since I am new. I have been browsing this site and many others to read and research more about fishkeeping since i have found that i thoroughly love the hobby. Initially we got a tank for our son and through trial and error of many newbie mistakes, it seems we finally got it going well, plus started up a second tank as well.

    Anyways, we have a small variety of mostly community fish, and ive found a love for eel loaches in particular, hence my username, but it is my betta that confuses me.

    "She" was sold as a female veiltail. My son picked her out and i find her very delightful and all, but for the life of me i cannot be 100% sure she is what she was sold as.

    Shes got long ventral fins, a slight beard, has flared at our molly once after a water change, has bright colours, longish fins (for a female, short for a male VT), but has an egg spot and has since the day we got her. I swear she looked like she had eggs in her, she had a very fat belly for a bit, then it went down but she out eats everyone but the molly at mealtimes so she just could be fat.

    Anywho, id love some thoughts on if shes a young male or a female, and if shes what i would call a multicolour veiltail?

    Attached are photos of her, showing different angles. She is kept with a dalmation molly, dwarf gourami, and some false julii cories. The loaches are in our second tank with molly fry

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  2. The_fishy

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    Her color could be said to be grizzle/multicolor.

    Is there a way you could get a side photo where her back is straight? As of now, I am leaning towards female.
  3. OP

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    I think this may be one of the better side photos I have



    Its hard as shes not really one to sit still.
    Ive never seen a female as bright as she is so thats probably the biggest thing throwing me off.

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  4. Fanatic

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    Hello, and welcome to fishlore!

    That looks to be a female betta to me.
  5. Repolie

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    Yes that is a female veiltail.
  6. The_fishy

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    Female, but looks a bit round. I’d try and monitor her food intake a bit at mealtime, their stomachs are only about the size of their eye.
  7. OP

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    Thanks everyone :D

    @The_fishy its hard because she is a glutton. She steals from the other fish and eats everything. Ive seen her grab shrimp right out of the molly's mouth. Theyre fed a mix of live food, freeze dried shrimp, betta pellets, algae wafers (broken into tiny pieces not given whole, offered 1x a week) and bottom feeder pellets. The shrimp is offered once a week and one live mealworm is given daily (our dwarf gourami wont touch absolutely anything else, stubborn guy). Pellets offered twice a day in small amounts. The mealworm is cut into fish size pieces. I gut load them with tropical flake food. That one feeds all of them... but Blue is a pig, not aggressive over it, just bold.
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