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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by DarkDenial, May 16, 2019.

  1. DarkDenial Valued Member Member

    So, I bought a stunning betta at the LPS. But now, as I prepare to start up a sorority, I'm very confused and curious as to gender and tail type on this fish. It won't be going in the sorority anyway as it seems very aggressive just from what I've seen while floating it. Was sold as a veiltail female, but I'm thinking it may be a male plakat or HMPK or an SD or HM female. Best pic I have with her fully flared.

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  2. guppynubis Valued Member Member

    types is I don't know..but gender is easy to know..if u buy that beta that put separately from the other,that mean male beta..because at LPS,they usually put many type female in one may 10 to 15 beta female in just one tank..happy beta there..

  3. BarbaraLocke New Member Member

    I thought the best way to sex a betta was by seeing an ‘egg spot’ on the females (looks like a grain of salt between the ventral and analfins). I bought a supposed female some months ago, which was quite small at the time so I thought that it was too young to have an egg spot. All the bettas were kept in cups at this store - they did not have a sorority tank. Well, s/he has grown some, and still there is no egg spot! Here’s a couple pix - maybe Betty is really a Bob?!

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  4. Rtessy Fishlore VIP Member

    I've found the egg spot to be unreliable (even though it's like a sex characteristic?!) Yours looks female to me, tbh.
    OP, I'd guess male plakat
  5. BarbaraLocke New Member Member

    Thanks Rtessy! I bought her because her color matches my male Splenda (on the other side of a divided 20g), and they do make a striking pair! I have no intentions of trying to breed, so it isn’t a biggie if she turned out to be a he :)
  6. leftswerve Well Known Member Member

    That can be a rule of thumb, but larger chain stores don't necessarily follow that.
  7. SarahBear1009 Valued Member Member

    I know Petco doesn't do that. My LFS (mom and pop) does keep their females in a tank together though.
  8. Repolie Well Known Member Member

    OP does have a male plakat.
  9. DarkDenial Valued Member Member

    That's a tad disappointing, was really hoping it was still female, but hey, for the $8 that I paid, I feel like I got a stunning fish! Lol. I remember even when I bought her I told the lady at the counter that I was pretty sure she was actually male based on size and body shape alone. Lol. Oh well! Lucky find! Never owned a plakat before!

    Is it possible he's also Dragonscale? He has these very solid-coloured white metallic scales with areas of less opaque scales along the top line and belly. Here's a picture showing his topline.

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  10. Victoria99 Valued Member Member

    Halfmoon or delta for sure, most likely a plakat. The ventral fins do seems pretty long. Is there a visible "beard" under/around the gills?

    I think yours is a girl. Deeper chest/body area and shorter ventral fins
  11. DarkDenial Valued Member Member

    I haven't noticed a beard even when they flare. Definitely very aggressive with the other females in the tank (is not in the tank). But the length of the fins even make me think a male?
  12. Victoria99 Valued Member Member

    Well, I mean, PLKTs all have short fins. I don't know enough about the variance of female vs. Male PLKT fins though, so I can't say
  13. BarbaraLocke New Member Member

    Thank you for pointing this out, Victoria99! These are my first Bettas, and I have a lot to learn! I have always loved the gorgeous colors of Bettas, and can’t stand how they are kept in stores!