Betta Gasping For Breath And Camped At The Top Of The Tank. Please Help!

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by JenniSouthpaw, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. JenniSouthpaw

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    Betta fish Pepe is not doing so well. I’ve had him for three weeks.

    Recently moved him from a small tank with no filter to a gallon tank with a filter, mystery snail, and plant. Used 50% water from his old tank and 50% water from aquarium store... waited for the water temperature to acclimate as I keep him in a covered area of the patio where the temperature ranges from 75-85.

    He wasn’t doing so hot in his small tank but he perked up when I moved him to his new tank.

    Three days later he started being twitchy/ spazzy while he was swimming and rubbing himself on the filter. I treated him with Betta Revive for two days, and at the end of the second day, he was just camped out at the top of the tank taking gasps of air. I was sure he wasn’t going to make it through the night.

    I woke up this morning to find him in the same condition. He’s not swimming, just stationary at the top taking gasps of air. I ran to the pet store and got a bunch of different medicines and a bigger tank, but was told to hold off on switching him. The water parameters aren’t terrible... they are as follows:

    Nitrate: 0 mg/L

    Nitrite: 1 mg/L

    PH: 7

    KH: 80 mg/L

    Gh: 30 mg/L

    He has a little bit of white around his mouth, it’s not fuzzy and it doesn’t look like crystals. He has lost the vibrancy of his color in the past two days.

    I don’t know what it could be... whether it’s bacterial, fungal, or a parasite. I just put bacterial infection remedy from imagitarium that I purchased at Petco this morning.

    Please help I’ve already spent $200 just this week trying to get him not to die, but I’m new at this and everything I’m doing is piecemeal put together from reading about Bettas on the internet. I love Pepe and I hate to see him suffer
  2. Lucyn

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    The Betta is suffering because your filter isn't cycled. And remember to never use store aquarium water, you'll get whatever diseases that are in their water and mix up their parameters with yours. The reason he's gulping at the surface is because you have 1 ppm Nitrites. Any amount of nitrites in the water is very toxic to fish, lowering the oxygen level in the water and slowly poisoning him. I'd recommend a large water change and a dose of Beneficial Bacteria. Having any nitrites in the water is considered detrimental, you could also have Ammonia which you didn't state you tested for, which is just as toxic. The lose of color, flashing, twitching everything you named makes sense that there's a parameter issue, he sounds very stressed.
  3. e_watson09

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    As mentioned above, your tank is cycling. I'd do daily water changes of about 75% until your readings are 0ppm ammonia, 5ish Nitrate (this can vary some without a worry), 0ppm Nitrite.

    The temp swing is also not ideal for him. You want it to be consistent so you may want to look into adding a heater which will help keep the water at a consistent temp.
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