Betta fry: two dozen swimming, more hanging from nest-removing male


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I saw at least two -three dozen fry swimming under and near bubble nest, but one group swam to a plastic leave. As some more appear to be just hanging from bubble nest, did I remove breeding male too soon? I noticed he started to get sloppy in caring for eggs. During 48 hours he built he kept the area below the nest amazingly clean, like a polished floor from repeatedly moving along floor. Male also built new bubble nest and moved all the eggs. After male moved the eggs, the area below the nest was not as clean. Once I saw fry swimming I removed male for fear he might start to eat the swimming fry, as he has not eaten for seven days. Can the remaking eggs continue to develop without his care? Why did The fry not all start swimming at the same time? Do I put male back, now that I gave him a feed and rest outside breeding tank? For my first breeding, I figure I may do well to keep 40 fry living. Also, do I leave light on at night now that fry are swimming?


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I wouldn't put the male back in there. I am afraid he would now see the fry as food. I can't think of a reason for leaving the light on all the time. Also, you don't want the water too deep. 6 or so inches should be enough. Like their parents these little guys will be going up for a sip of air from time to time. The lower water level will make it easier for them.

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