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Discussion in 'Betta Breeding' started by fish fanatic, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. fish fanaticNew MemberMember

    hi, i dont want to write an essay so straight to the question. after been given false info on their breeding habits, i now have a nest full of eggs, the only live food i can get is brine shrimp (not baby brine shrimp) bloodworm, and daphnia...if these eggs hatch after the 2 days of eating yolk will they be able to eat daphnia? also i read u can seperate an egg, mix up the yolk and feed them this true?

  2. catsma_97504Fishlore LegendMember

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    :;fYour question has been moved to the Betta Breeding forum. Someone who has experience with betta fry will come along shortly and answer your questions.

  3. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    Honestly, if you cant get the micro food they NEED i would destroy the nest. No harm no foul. Then you can get back into breeding when youve educated yourself a little more on betta breeding habits. Its unfortunate you were misled. They aboley require small live foods at that age, BBS is very important by most breeders standards. Some people try using liquid fry foods and powdered foods but its normally no good.

  4. fish fanaticNew MemberMember

    i cant destroy the nest, the eggs been there for 24 hours now and i can see them moving with a magnifying glass, i am having bbs eggs delivered tomorrow :) . i was told they wouldnt breed as they have to be conditioned, i only got these bettas 2 weeks ago,i put him into a 60 litre tank 2 days ago as he was being bullied in my 120 litre by the guppies.then yesterday morning i put her in to keep him company cos he looked so lonely and bored, then a few hours later i saw them do the embrace thing, i couldnt believe my eyes lol. i have been reading non stop online but found loads of conflicting info. i know i got to remove the male when the fry are free swimming. is there a chance the dad will eat the fry before they are free swimming?? any other tips and advice welcome...many thanks for replying.
  5. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    You can still destroy it, the eggs wont survive or you can feed them to the other fish. Where did you get these betta? You do realize YOU DONT KEEP BETTAS TOGETHER. They dont get lonely. Do you have a grow out tank, jarring racks, seperate cycled tanks for the male and female. These are all things you need to have researched before hand. Your getting BBS tomarrow, but you need to have a continuous supply for the next month or so at least. The babies you get now will grow up.
  6. fish fanaticNew MemberMember

    ok pls tell me why ur so sure these eggs wont survive? i bought them from an aquatics shop where they were cared for very well, not in a tub or jar. i have many tanks set up and ready for fish as i have lots of livebearers and they deliver every month. i dont know what jarring racks are but if they are small jars to keep bettas in then i wouldnt dream of using them, i think they are too small. when i ordered the bbs eggs today i also ordered a betta display cabinet which will house 15 adult bettas each with filteration, heaters and lights, if any eggs do survive they will be looked after properly as i have a big house and enough money to meet their every need,they will all have at least a 20 litre space, plants, ornaments and their own snail. i would feel like a murderer if i destroyed his nest now, and how would he feel if i did that to him....?? all i can say is thanks for your advice but i will try my luk and hope for the best. if it all fails then at least i will know better for when i actually decide to try and breed tham.
  7. DonnerjayWell Known MemberMember

    Hello and :sign0016: to FishLore!

    That is AMAZING that your bettas spawned so quickly. That is so wild! It's a testament to your LFS taking good care of their stock (even if they did give wrong advice) and to you for keeping superb water conditions. Well done!

    Now that you have fry, and you've read up about betta splendens, and you're prepared as best as you can be, well, sit back and enjoy the show. Take some pictures and share with us, if you can. It is so cool to watch a male betta carefully pick up the fry and put them back in the nest.

    What kind of bettas spawned? Veiltail, crowntail, etc., or maybe they have different names in Scotland. At any rate, that's good news. I hope you find plenty of solid information to enjoy them. And again, welcome to the forum!
  8. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    I meant that if you took down the nest, even with eggs in it, they would be done. Not that the eggs would not survive.
    Look into getting a large 40gallon or so breeder tank, get it ready to cycle and heat so that you can move the females in there as they mature. The males will do in the cabinet seperatley as they become able to sex. You may need more space eventually though. A Breeder rack is a large heated rack with a filtration system that has 1-2gallon jars for jarring fry until they are sold at a decent age.
  9. fish fanaticNew MemberMember

    hi...they are veil tails, im not so happy today as i dont have a clue whats went on with them. at 2.30am i left them to go to bed, they were falling down and dad was picking them up, they were like little white/transparent blobs with tiny little tails, they were sinking and trying to get back to the top and dad was catching them , it was unbelievable watching them. then at 7am when i went to see them, dad was sitting off in the corner and i couldnt see any of them falling down :( i think maybe he has eaten them....i dont know what to do now as i dont know if there are still some fry there or not. dad is still going under the nest but like every 5 minutes, tbh he doesnt seem too interested now he looks kinda depressed, i fed him but he didnt eat. how long should i leave it now to be sure there are no fry left?
  10. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    Do you see any fry? If not then their gone. He ate them, it happens.
  11. DonnerjayWell Known MemberMember

    Rats. Sorry to read this. Any updates?

    At least you have the knowledge that you have now, plus you have a pair of bettas that has spawned together. That makes it more likely that they will spawn again.
  12. Ryan1824Valued MemberMember

    Sorry to read about your loss, but it is probably for the best since your weren't ready with the proper foods for the fry. Before you attempt to breed your bettas again, please make sure you have the live food cultures you will need to feed your fry. Betta fry must have live foods in order to survive. For the first week you will need live food that is smaller than baby brine shrimp. Vinegar eels, microworms, and infusoria are commonly used. If you set up your breeding tank ahead of time with lots of live plants and feed it with liquid fry food you can get lots of infusoria growing in there. Baby brine shrimp are the most commonly used food once your fry are large enough to eat them. Since all you have available are adult shrimp, you will need to set up a breeding tank for some shrimp and then collect and save their eggs. You'll have plenty of time while you are getting your food cultures set up and running so use that time to google "How to raise bettas" and read as much as you can. The more research you do the better your chance of success with your next batch of fry. Good luck!
  13. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

      Heres a good link. Ren is a great great betta and animal keeper.
  14. fish fanaticNew MemberMember

    no i cant see any and i think i should be able to if there were any left, i went to the pet shop yesterday afternoon as i had to get stuff for my live bearers, i had also ordered the bbs eggs, i was surprised as they came in a bottle which can be poured directly into the tank to hatch...i thought they had to be hatched separatley,i did put some in the tank just incase there are survivors and i just cant see them...the guy in the aquatic shop said ( they develope quickly so perhaps they are hiding in all the plants) he also said if this is my males first time breeding then its possible he ate them as sometimes it takes a few times for them to learn how to be a parent. thanks for the advice, and thanks for the link...i have been reading as much i can about them to try and educate myself, but i think its better when u can get advice from someone that has experience, as in humans...each and every pregnancy is unique although we all go through the same stages. @ ryan...u said now i have a breeding pair, does this mean i should try next time with the same 2 fish and not mate him with a different female? from my previous post u will see im used to livebearers, they will mate with any other fish...even their bro or sis if i didnt separate them. so are bettas like swans and prefer a life partner sort of speak?
  15. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    No, bettas are not monogamous by any standard.

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