Betta Fluval Flex 15 Stocking?


Hey everyone. So the last tank I had was a 10g with a pea puffer, aka a killer bean. But it had a manor algae crisis and I got some cherry shrimps who were later massacred by puff the ripper. So i returned all the fish and took down the tank.

Since then Ive been itching to restart the tank with a classic Betta. A koi one or dumbo betta. Im also thinking of getting a 15g Fluval Flex instead of using my old tank. My old tank is pretty cheapy and crusty. Globs of silicone that take away from the look and tiny black dots. The glass is also hazy and doesnt seem to fix. I also want to get the flex because of its simple filtration system. Im definitely thinking of doing planted with medium to low light plants. Anubias petite, java fern, crypt, christmas moss, seriyu stone, and maybe some monte carlo. I have never done a planted tank before though.

(And yes I am aware of the Flex’s high flow. I will pit prefilter sponge on the output.)

I have had great success with fish in cycles contrary to fishless. Fishless has ended in disaster. So I will cycle with a betta using prime to protect from chemicals. Worked last time.

Now I would also like some tank mates. I was thinking maybe pygmy corys? But I have heard some stories that they don’t work. I have had success with an amano so id like to have a few. Not sure how many I can have. And maybe a few nerites/a mystery snail.

So any comments, advice, or concerns? Especially about the pygmys.


i have had bad experience with mystery snails and bettas, you could do albino cories, i kept them with my betta and they got along fine.
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Albino cories get too large for a 15-gallon, pygmy cories should be ok after the tank is cycled. and after plants are added.
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I have a Flex 15. I cut a hole in the tube between the pump and outflow to reduce the flow. I also put some ceramic media in the pump compartment, the water that comes out of the hole I cut recirculates.
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