Betta flaring only on one side

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Edmund07, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Edmund07New MemberMember

    Hi, recently posted about my betta having white on his tail which I am treating but have noticed too that when he flares only his left gill stands out and the other side doesn't
    he seems OK in himself maybe a little stressed but is eating fine and still "hunting"
    has anyone heard of this before? His gills are normal colour and he is making bubble nests daily
  2. FreshAquariumsValued MemberMember

    go to this website and see if anything in there matches what your describing ok, its very helpful and will answer your question/problem probably  


    When a Bettas gills become inflamed, one or both gills will not close properly. They may or may not look red on the inside; and if in the last stages, they would be gasping for air, unable to breathe properly.
    A Bettas gills may become inflamed because of bad water conditions, or perhaps from a bacterial infection.
    To cure, Isolate any sick Betta with Inflamed Gills, and every third day do a full water change. Every time you change the water, add any sort of bacterial medication you have, I would use either triple sulfur, or tetracycline if available. Get your water tested, if you don’t have a test kit - most LFS (local fish stores) will do it for you.


    kind of like this but one gill wont close... right?
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  3. Edmund07New MemberMember

    Thank you :;thx
  4. FreshAquariumsValued MemberMember

    np If you need anymore help just post another thread and someone can help or just shoot me a direct message
  5. Edmund07New MemberMember

    Bless you thanks,I just don't understand it as I keep the water so clean or thought I did, have been giving him a lot of live foods so I think I may have introduced bacteria through them... He seems bit better though : )
    thanks again

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