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    I recently got a Betta fish and I just noticed that it looks like he has a wound type thing on his head- almost like his scales have been scraped off ( I will insert some photos- sorry they’re not great!)
    And from one of these patches it almost looks like (I know it sounds gross) a scab which is flapping off which has the same colouring as his scales.
    He is swimming around but when I first got him, for the first four days he wouldn’t eat and just spit his food out but I bought him some flicks bug bites and seems to be eating them now luckily!
    The only ‘off’ thing I’ve noticed is he seems to be breathing quite heavily (more than my other Betta) but this may just vary between Bettas
    What do you think this is and how do you think I should treat this?
    I have some sun grow Betta leaves arriving tomorrow and they say they supposedly have healing properties- do these work?  
    (Ps. I know you may look at the photos and think it’s nothing but I am always extra cautious with my fish and it’s better safe than sorry right?!)

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    It just looks like he has a minor scrape on his head. It can be easily healed with clean water. Adding optional additives such as Indian almond leaves and Stressguard can have therapeutic and antiseptic effects to promote the healing process.

    The leaves you ordered are Indian almond leaves their tannins have antimicrobial properties which really do help and work.
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    Ok phew!
    Thankyou very much :)