Betta Fish - Serious Case Of Popeye?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by bobo16, Apr 25, 2017.

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    Hello everyone,

    When I went today to feed to my 1 year old Betta fish, I noticed he has an extremely large swelling of one his eyes. I'm pretty sure it's Popeye, but I don't understand how it could have just appeared overnight and so large as well? He is very lethargic and has basically stayed in the same spot since I first discovered the protrusion - he is on top of his Betta leaf and in the floating grass so thankfully he doesn't have to struggle much to get to the surface. He isn't venturing to the bottom nor is he swimming around at all like he usually does. He is also refusing to eat as you would expect. I feel so bad for him, the swelling looks painful and I'm not able to get to Pet Smart until tomorrow morning. I have already got a list of a few medications to pick up for him, such as Tetracycline, Maracyn 1 & 2, Amoxicillin, etc., depending on what they have available. I have also already given him an Epsom salt bath and have performed a 30% water change. What else can I do until I can get to Pet Smart in the morning? What is the best medication/treatment for Popeye? Is it actually Popeye or something else? I have Mystery Snails (I think?) in the tank as well, baby/adolescent ones, about 20-30 of them (plus a whole bunch of hidden egg hatches I presume), which I'm planning to give away soon. I have heard of a disease called Eye Flakes that is caused by snails though I haven't been able to find a lot of information on it. Could that be the actual cause of his protruding eye?

    Note: My water parameters are Ammonia - 0.25ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 20ppm PH 7.0 (this is the first time that my PH levels were anything but 7.5 if that is at all relevant). I have also recently started to add aquarium salt into his water if that also means anything.

    * I have also added some pictures I just took of Gogo to make it easier for you guys to make a diagnosis; the second picture is of him in the Epsom salt bath bowl. And also the snails that I have - there is a close up in the last 2 pictures, plus they can be seen in some of the other ones - if someone could please identify them for me.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. EternalDancer

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    It definitely looks like Popeye but I know nothing about how to treat it, sorry.

    Your snails, I think, are bladder snails. Reproduce like crazy and most people consider them pests.

    Your best chance of giving them away is someone that uses them for food, unfortunately.
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    While I do not know a bunch about pop-eye, I do know some about basic treatment for a few fish diseases. Pop-eye is usually a bacterial infection, though it can be a symptom of dropsy. Let's hope that it is the former. The first thing you will need to do are tons of water changes. These will hopefully prevent the infection from getting worse, as well as lower your ammonia to zero. I would also continue with the Epsom salt baths. If he shows absolutely no improvement. I would recommend treating with any medication that treats bacterial infections. This can be with API's Tetracycline, API's Triple Sulfa, or Marcel's Maracyn.
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    I recently battled a similar case. I started with daily 50% water changes, but he was rapidly getting worse. I treated with jungle fungus clear tabs, just following the directions on the box, and he recovered fully in about a week. I had every expectation he was going to die, it looked that bad!

    You can find the thread by searching " Arizona has popeye!" And I'll try to link it in a minute. Edit: found it and pasted below.

    Start with big water changes and I would do the jungle fungus, or any med with nitrofurazone. Arizona Has Popeye!

    Help - Arizona Has Popeye!

    I hope this helps and your guy recovers!
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    Thank you everyone for your advice.

    My Betta is on his second day of treatment with API T.C. Tetracycline. I'm also doing 30% water changes every day before adding medication and giving him daily Epsom salt baths. He seems to be getting better, or at least he isn't getting worse. He ate one freeze dried Tubifex worm yesterday. However, he wasn't able to grasp his Betta pellets neither yesterday or today. Would anyone know how long it takes for the Tetracycline to work? How soon might it be before I'm able to see any improvement in his condition?

    One more question, I have a whole bunch of floating grass (Exo Terra Duck Weed Floating Water Plants) in my 10 gallon tank, which you can see in the pictures above. Do you guys think that the floating grass could have scratched his eye and allowed the bacteria to enter through there? He really likes the grass and hangs out there all the time. Should I remove it permanently from his tank though, just in case it could have been the cause of his Popeye?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. AngelTheGypsy

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    It took 3-4 days before mine started looking better, but if it's not getting worse it's a good sign. Keep an eye on your parameters, as tetracycline can be hard on your cycle. You could lose it and have to re-cycle the tank.

    Are the plants plastic? If so they may be the cause, as the plastic can be sharp. Live plants are usually fine.