Betta Fish Ripped Tail

  1. Badet222 Member Member

    Help guys...i have a dumbo halfmoon betta fish in 20gal tank with 6 neon tetras and 6 ghost shrimp..they are about 5 days together but my betta got there first by 3 days before i got his tank mates... after 4 days of being together i saw a shrimp skin foating in the water and i just thought my betta eat now i have 5 shrimps i just woke up this morning i notice my the ripped tail of my betta...i was so concerned and worried is it because of the shrimp fight or the tail and fin rot me....i just removed the ghost shrimp now from the tank.. and im new in betta fish literally i just got him a week ago..thanks
  2. mclemente06 Member Member

    Bettas are naturally aggressive fish, he probably did make that shrimp lunch. As for the fins, it could be fin rot but neon tetras are notorious fin nippers, and are usually not paired with betta fish. It could be either, but my bet is that the neons are nipping at him.

  3. twilysparklez Well Known Member Member

    I've never had neons nip betta fins, but I guess it is a possibility.

    Could you post a picture of the betta and his tail? If it appears that he is missing little sections of his tail, it could be due to nipping. However, if the edges of his tail is black, it probably is fin rot.

    And Welcome to Fishlore!
  4. mclemente06 Member Member

    I had my neons nip at my cory cats in the first couple weeks of being in the tank, that's why I worry about that. I guess it all depends on the fish you get.

  5. RyleighJ Member Member

    What kind of decor do you have in your tank? Another possibility is that his tail was snagged on a jagged edge.
  6. Badet222 Member Member

    I have a smooth pots in the tank with some silk plants...i just git a live java fern early this morning.thank you

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  7. mclemente06 Member Member

    Personnally, I would guess it's nipping. I don't see the signs of fin rot, looks like tears, not rotting. A second opinion would be very helpful though. Personally if I were in your position, I would give the betta it's own tank, at least 2.5 gallons, preferably 5.5 gallons, so no more ghost shrimp will be lost, and the fins would be able to heal much better in its own tank, whether it's nipping or fin rot.

  8. Badet222 Member Member

    I will just get rid of the tetra then... i will just let the betta alone then in that 10 gal tank
  9. mclemente06 Member Member

    If you have a safe place for the tetras and shrimp to go and you're sure you won't regret that move then go ahead. I set up my 5.5 gallon betta tank for only $40 and I have two tanks, one with neons and I love them both.
  10. Badet222 Member Member

    I just get them so that my betta has tank mates.but then if it will hurt my betta ill just let them go..thank you

  11. mclemente06 Member Member

    Got it.. just don't release them into the wild, give them back to the pet store that you got them from or sell them to someone else who will keep them. Hope your betta gets better fast!
  12. Badet222 Member Member

    Thank you so much....

    Do you advuce to use something fir the water? Or just let ut heal naturally?... thank u
  13. jl_1005 Member Member

    I've seen fin nipping by neon tetras before, and I agree this doesn't look like fin nip.
  14. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Do keep an eye on the tail of that betta, if you notice its tail reducing even after separating from the tetras it can be caused by the fin rot too, so do keep an eye out for that :)
  15. mclemente06 Member Member

    You mean fin rot? Or do you mean disagree?

    Keep the water quality up and see if the fin heals, which it should. If it gets worse, supplement the tank with an all-in-one aquarium medication.
  16. Badet222 Member Member

    So now i removed all the neons in the tank... he's alone now in the i need to partial change the water everyday? Thank you guys...
  17. mclemente06 Member Member

    I would do a 1/5 water change twice a week, every day would stress out the fish a little too much, and as long as you have your tank cycled, twice a week should be more than enough to keep the water quality up. Best of luck!
  18. Badet222 Member Member

    Thank you... i just changed it yesterday as its first week of water change... crossed finger here
  19. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Did you keep an eye on the tails and fins?? how is it doing ?? does the fins look like its receding ??
  20. Badet222 Member Member