Betta Fish Not Eating!!

  1. ncljohnson96 Initiate Member

    Background Info: Dumbo Betta bought in early January 2017. First two months he was in a 5 gallon tank and then went into a 20 gallon with a school of Glowlight Tetras. One died so I added a school of Zebra Danios. He murdered 4 of the 6. Never replaced them. He's been in the 20 gallon for about 4 months. About a month ago he started to slow down in eating. He would eat one or two pellets a day. Changed food but he didn't like it so I switch back to his Omega One.

    About two weeks ago, he just quite eating. I have tried pellets and frozen(thawed) bloodworms and nothing! I figured he was stressed from the size of the tank so I switch him back to the 5 gallon. He's been back in the tank for about 4 days. And still won't eat! And he doesn't swim as much either. What could be wrong? He still shows beautiful color!

    Both tanks are cycled. Ammonia 0. Nitrate .5 Nitrite 0 tank is always at 79 degrees F.

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  2. FishL:)) Well Known Member Member

    Awe...poor little guy. I'm guessing ONE of the issues causing him not to eat and to not active himself is probably stress related. Also, he could be injured from attacking zebra Danios, which why he's not to be able to be his normal active self. Also, zebra Danios usually aren't the best tank mates for Bettas. As for how he's acting, I don't really know what to say because I can't see him in person. Wait awhile and see what happens. Other people will have some suggestions too. :)
  3. ncljohnson96 Initiate Member

    Yeah. I found out that AFTER I bought them. Poor judgment on my part for following what my LFS told me. Right now he is by himself in the 5 gallon. He could've injured himself but if I remember correctly he was still eating after the killing of the 4. The picture I attached is the last picture I took of him.
  4. wapooshe Member Member

    I really hope your betta returns to eating. When I was first purchasing fish for my 75 gal, I acclimated one of my angelfish poorly and he was really stressed in the tank. In the end he starved himself to death. Not to worry you about your betta but just a warning from my own experience. You can try reducing stress by not turning on the light so he feels more secure and private.
  5. ncljohnson96 Initiate Member

    I hope that doesn't happen. My worst fear is having to put him down or him starving to death. He's my first Betta and I don't want him to die like this. But I don't think it was poor acclimation because he was good for a couple months that he was in the 20 gallon. I've either been keeping the light off or have the blue lights on.
  6. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    I hope he goes back to eating and having normal behavior soon! Deff try to keep the lights off, does he have a cave to hide in? and a heater?
  7. ncljohnson96 Initiate Member

    Yes. He's had a heater from day one. Always kept at a constant 79 degrees. It hardly changes at all. Yes he has a cave and plenty of plants to hide in.
  8. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    Poor fella. I think this could be stress related possibly. Most bettas don't really appreciate tank mates and I'm sure yours will be better off alone in the 5 gallon. How did it stay cycled while he was gone? Could you please re-post his water parameters, they don't quite make sense to me. Hopefully, he'll adjust well to the new conditions in the 5 gallon and start eating, he looks ok to me in the picture (is his tail fin a little discolored maybe?) just a tad skinny perhaps.
  9. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Ok thats good. I hope your little guy gets better quickly!
  10. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Can you please note down his current behavior, like how does he swim, how does he spend most of his time compared to before?
  11. FishL:)) Well Known Member Member

    Keeping him in his own aquarium right now is the best thing. As for the remaining Zebra Danio-do you think you'll be re-homing them? And in the future if you ever get another Betta for a community tank, you can PM me and I can give you a list of tank mates that I've great succes with my Bettas.
  12. ncljohnson96 Initiate Member

    Sorry, for some reason the phone site messed up. He swims perfectly fine. He is still fast and swim to the bottom no problem, when he does swim. For he most part, he stays up top. He has always been a lazy fish though, even before the 20 gallon. Even in the 20 gallon, he spent most of his time behind the heater, rarely coming out. Even when he was the only fish in there.

    Right now, he swam perfectly fine from where he was sitting on the bottom to the top for air and back down he went.

    The Danios are currently still in the 20 gallon and I won't be rehoming them. Unless I decide to sell the 20g.
  13. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Maybe it was due to stress, some bettas does not want any other fish to live with them and when you add tank mates they get stressed, there is nothing to worry about if your betta is active and acting normally however i would keep an close eye on it, do keep the tank clean and healthy and also maintain a proper temperature, do not keep the aquarium lights on for long time and let him enjoy some night time, provide him with hiding places and give him some time to adjust. Do keep on updating if you see any unusual symptoms than what you are seeing now, :)