betta fish jumped out of its gallon tank

  1. blu3dragon619 Member Member

    well do some reason my bettas seems to be jumpy as 3 of them jumped out of its tank...

    betta 1: jumped out, found it on the floor the next day dryed and dead ='(

    betta 2: jumped out and some how leaded in a 2 inch hole on my 60 gal tank and went swimming in their, found it there the next day

    betta 3: jumped out of its tank and disappear and was never the be found ='( i looked every where and its no where to be found... did it grow legs and walked off?
  2. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    My guess is they are jumping because they are being kept in a one gallon tank.
  3. STLBluesFan Member Member

    agree with that last post^
  4. blu3dragon619 Member Member

    no they are jumping cause i have the males flaring at each other at night (forgot to cover the top and from the seeing each other)
  5. STLBluesFan Member Member

    that could attribute, in my personal opinion, and many others 1 betta should not be in a tank smallers that 3.5 gallon, i personally would say 5. i mean you came on here wanting to know why your betta were jumping, and when someone gave a very accurate reply , you tell them they are wrong. thats not a good start, because everyone is going to tell you that same exact thing
  6. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Oh, it seemed like you didn't know why it keeps happening.
  7. blu3dragon619 Member Member

    i mean that couldbe the reason why but its rare that they jump up tho, but your right maybe a 1 gallon is to small i'll look into a 5 gallon tank
  8. STLBluesFan Member Member

    actually ive had experience and know several people who have had thier betta jump, you could invest into a 5 gallon tank, or maybe even a 10, they arent that much more expensive, and if you wanted. you could even put a divide in it and get 2 betta
  9. blu3dragon619 Member Member

    not a bad idea but wont that just be the same as a 5 gallon tank if i get a divide the 10 gallon tanks?
  10. STLBluesFan Member Member

    yes, it would be. but i was just saying you could get a 5 gallon and put 1 betta in it, or get a 10 gallon and a divider and get 2 betta
  11. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Yes, but it'd take up less room :)
  12. kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member

    A. Agreed with previous posters, I was going to put a betta in a 2.5 gallon and was dissuaded, so 1 gallon is certainly too small.
    B. There are actually many threads about bettas jumping out of tanks. I read one where someone had a divided tank and forgot to put the top on, and the bettas jumped and switched sides!
    C. Another thought might be water parameters. It's hard to keep the water quality high in such small tanks, so perhaps they tried to abandon ship because of the water quality.
    D. I actually know someone on here (soltarianknight) who has a 10 gallon divided in thirds, with three bettas. One tank to clean, but three fish to enjoy!
  13. blu3dragon619 Member Member

    true, i'll look into picking one up soon or maybe a few idk lol i think petco might have a tank sale if so i'm picking up a few just n case =)
  14. blu3dragon619 Member Member

    for option "B" thats what you call a switch-a-runey or a houdini lol
  15. STLBluesFan Member Member

    lol, agree
  16. blu3dragon619 Member Member

    over all i'm going to buy a bigger thanks just to house the betta in so they are more happy then just a small tank =)