Betta Fish Illnesses?


I have a 55 gal that I had took down a couple months ago but recently I decided to get it back up and running. I usually would keep larger fish and would only have one or two in a tank but I decided to try smaller fish this time like livebearers. I have never kept livebearers or other similar small fish so over the last couple weeks I have been researching and buying anything I think I might need like medications just in case something arises during the quarantine period. I started reading up on camallanus worms since I have read that it can be common for livebearers to have internal parasites. To be completely honest it really freaked me out. I don’t know of any LFS near me and I have only ever gotten my fish from chain pet stores like PetSmart. Because of this I know that there is a high likelihood that any fish I purchase will have some sort of issue that I would have to treat. I am completely fine with treating fish for illnesses if necessary BUT after reading all of the different forum post and articles about the evil camallanus worms I’m having second thoughts about stocking my tank with fish that are known to commonly have them. Also since I would be getting them from a chain pet store the chances of them having something like camallanus increases a lot.

To make a long story short basically I’ve been debating on what to stock the tank with for a while and thought for sure that I was going to do the community tank with livebearers but I’m honestly kind of weary now. This leads to my questions on betta fish.

Betta fish has always been on my list as possible stocking for the tank so now my question is if there is anything betta fish are prone to? Any illnesses that betta owners commonly see or deal with? I just want to know what I’m getting myself into before I make a final decision. Also are there any tips or important things you think someone should know when trying to start a betta sorority tank?
Thanks for any feedback, advice, or comments


The most common issues with bettas are fin rot, bloat and constipation. It's an easy fix and even easier to prevent with a good WC schedule and appropriate diet/feeding amounts.

I've read a lot about sororities and the main problems seem to arise from aggression among females and fin damaged sustained from that aggression. You'll have to heavily plant the tank to break lines of site and even then you may end up having to remove a few bullies before the females decide they can peacefully coexist. They should also be kept in uneven numbers with a minimum of 5 girls to spread out any aggression. It's risky but with a 55 gallon you would have ample space. I would also suggest adding a small schooling fish with them like ember tetras, or harlequin rasboras.
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