Betta Fish Hurt??

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Ela142, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Ela142New MemberMember

    So here is what happened. I had gone on a week long trip and had done a larger than normal water change around 75% when i got back.

    The water parameters are now 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and 0.5 nitrates.

    After the water change he was acting normally even ate the 2 pellets I gave him. Then he bumps into the floating thermometer in his tank, it's a Marina Floating Thermometer. Now he is not swimming properly, he mostly floats without moving or stays on the bottom of his tank not moving his fins. He also stays in a curved position but he is able to straighten when he swims a little. At first he would also sporadically burst into rapid swimming so fast you could hear the water moving in the tank. He doesn't do that anymore, but now I have been keeping his light off and have a towel over his tank to block out light since whenever there is any light he hides behind the filter. He ate 2 pellets this morning but still floats not moving, occasionally he moves his fins to stay in the spot he is at. He still stays in the curved position when he floats.

    My sister thinks he is just stunned and that he will be fine after a few days but I'm still worried since it has been over 12 hours since this first happens and still no change. I tried to take a picture of him to post but he hides when I try.

    He is in a tank that I had done a fish less cycle on for over 3 months, 2.6 gallons Marina 360 Tank. There are some java moss and duckweed in the tank and a moss ball. The conditioner I use is Seachem Prime. His filter is fitted with a cross stitch mesh plastic to keep him from going under the filter since the tanks review say that fish can get stuck if they get under the filter, and I fitted a sponge onto it to slow down the water flow.

    He is a dumbo half moon, I have had him since January.

    Pictures of him when he first came home Jan 17, 2017 and today April 12th, 2017 are included below.
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  2. WildEyedDanioNew MemberMember

    Firstly, I'm not expert on Bettas or their care so I may have made a mistake

    I doubt he caused himself that much damage from crashing into a thermometer. Most like he has a fish disease, I find this site helpful in determining illnesses  
    It's open on fish TB which is what it sounds like.

    Also do you do a 75% water change every week? As mentioned I'm no expert on Bettas (or small tanks) but that seems excessive and could stress fish.

  3. Ela142New MemberMember

    I normally do a 30% water change because the tanks is on the small side. The 75% was since I had gone on a trip and he was fed more than normal by my family.

    Could he really get sick with this disease so quickly? He started acting and looking this way only just after bumping into the thermometer and was perfectly fine after the water change even the entire 30 minutes before the bump. If it reallt is this serious will it mean having to toss everything out??

    He isn't curved anymore and he has been swimming and eating all this food like normal. But I've been keeping him in darkness with a towel over his tank. It does cause him to got to a spot and it looks like sleep.
  4. Sushi'skeeperValued MemberMember

    If it was fish TB, he wouldn't really be able to straighten himself out. I agree with @WildEyedDanio . It's unlikely he caused himself that much damaged from smacking into the thermometer. A picture is really needed. I understand you said he hides, but any pictures would help us determine what exactly is going on with your boy.
  5. CindiLFishlore LegendMember

    Hi, welcome to the forum :)

    Would you test the ph of your tap and then of your tank? and post those.

    Were your normal water changes 30% weekly before that?
  6. Ela142New MemberMember

    The PH is on the high side since straight out of the tap it's 8.0. At first during the fish less cycle I tried to lower it but it would not stay down for longer than a few hours after adding the almond leaves and other PH lowering solutions. I didn't want to stress him out with PH changes after I got him so I stopped trying and so far it has stayed high 8.0. I normally do 30% to 50% depending on the amount of nitrates in the tank.
    But normally the nitrates don't go over 0.5ppm.

    I had my sister take pictures of him. I am also including pictures of him after I first got him.

    This is when I bought him and took him home Jan 17th 2017.

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  7. Ela142New MemberMember

    And this is him today April 12th 2017.

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  8. Ela142New MemberMember

    Great news. Whatever was wrong with him is all better now. He is swimming and happy and acting like the last 2 days never happened. I'm so happy. I guess he was just stunned by the bump. It was surprisingly loud too. Since I heard it while standing 3 steps away.
  9. CindiLFishlore LegendMember

    Well I am happy he is ok :)

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