!!betta Fish Help: Fin Rot Or Tail Tear/holes!!!


Help! I am worried about my new fish. He has had little holes develop in his tail (they seem to heal but new ones will come up). He also has a tear in his fin. I read that sometimes this can happen if they flare a lot (which he does). I just want to know what's wrong so I can help him.

This is him when I brought him home (about 2 weeks ago):


This is him today. He doesn't quite understand the concept of sitting still for a photo:


Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 5.55.14 PM.png

Tank info:
5 gallon rectangle
sponge filter (rated for 10 gal)
bubble wand thing
4 live plants + 3 moss balls
1 tent decor

Water info from today(according to API Liquid Kit):
Temp: hovers around 79 F
Ph: 7.4
Ammonia: 0-0.25 (pretty sure it comes out of the tap like this. I treat with prime religiously and do weekly water changes)
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: <5ppm

Please help!


bettaf1sh 7789

I’m assuming the black tips on his fins are just his coloring? Looks like some tears to me, fin rot will look more like the fins are almost melting off. Keep up with the water changes and remove anything his fins could get torn on and he’ll be fine.


Looks like fin nipping. My betta has that same problem
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Update: The fins are still having issues, they seem to get kinda worse every day. He also has developed some spots of white/tan on his gill fins. They popped up overnight. LFS person said it could be ick so I got seachem paraguard. I have my temp set to 79-82 always and I thought Ich was in cooler water.
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