Betta Fish Has Trouble Eating

  1. shooter78 Initiate Member

    so i bought this cute little betta from petsmart. now i shouldve noticed the worms in the cup before i left the store but i didnt, and that probably couldve prepared me for this but my little betta cant seem to eat. i put in pellets when i put her in the tank, she didnt seem interested so i just thought id give her some time. this morning, she seemed somewhat interested, but everytime she "caught" the food, she spit it out and then it would sink into the rocks (oh the mess at the bottom of my tank....) i got so frustrated because she seemed hungry but couldnt quite swallow them. she would try to chase them to the bottom so she was obviously hungry. today, she did the same so i thought i would try to give her a dried bloodworm because they didnt sink. she caught it, spit it out, caught it again, and BINGO. she ate it. she seemed to like... dont laugh... smack? chew? excsessivly. so maybe they dont feed pellets at the pet store and shes confused, or maybe i just have a special fish? what should i do? i dont want to feed her bloodworms all the time.
  2. Cheesearmada Member Member

    Try giving her floating food.

  3. shooter78 Initiate Member

    oh didnt know they sold that hahah thank you ':)
  4. Caitlin86 Well Known Member Member

    The "floating" pellets should be soaked in tank water prior 2 feeding as they can expand in said bettas stomach therefore potentially causing swim bladder issues. I recommend feeding a reputable pellet in conjunction with a variety of frozen foods. Live is even better. I sometimes collect earthworms from my yard (that hasn't bedn treated with pesticides) and cut them up in small pieces 2 give 2 my betta.

  5. Cheesearmada Member Member

    I wouldn't collect earthworms from the yard. Live foods pose a risk to your fish as they might carry parasites. For many years I have fed the floating food(not presoaked) to my Bettas and they haven't had any issues.
  6. BReefer97 Well Known Member Member

    I wouldn't give him any worms from outside as suggested above. It may work for some people, but there are pesticides and fertilizers these worms probably come in contact with which can in turn harm your betta fish. If you really want to try feeding earth worms, buy them from a pet store or at a gas station as fishing bait.

    And I wanted to ask, what did you mean by "worms in the cup"? Do you mean uneaten bloodworms? Or a possible parasite?
  7. shooter78 Initiate Member

    im assuming it was uneaten bloodworms, there were 2 green worm lookin things floating around. idk what certain parasites look like so possibly :( idk i thought it looked funny. maybe it was like a live bloodworm? idk... it was like a bright (not neon) green worm a little longer than a normal freeze dried bloodworm.

  8. shooter78 Initiate Member

    i of course didnt pour them into the tank i tried to use as little as i could of the pet store water
  9. jl_1005 Member Member

    Bettas can be stressed when moving into a new environment. That could be the reason why he's not eating. Continue to feed him, and make sure to vacuum the bottom of the tank for uneaten food.

    Make sure the water is at the right temperature too. I have experienced when my tank was too cold, my betta didn't eat and didn't move...
  10. Shadow2331 Member Member

    how big were those pellets you were feeding your betta?? have you tried crushing it into a bit smaller pieces and feeding it?

  11. BReefer97 Well Known Member Member

    Has he been rubbing his gills on anything or flaring them excessively? I'm worried he may have some type of parasite. Blood worms aren't green so that concerns me slightly.
  12. trixirita Member Member

    IDK this might sound weird but the green worm-like things probably was the poop? Depending on what the pet store was feeding him, either flake food, worms, or pellets might have effected that.
    Your betta might have a parasite. I suggest first leaving him be in his new tank for a day to get him settled in and not so stressed before you start feeding. If he dosent eat after a couple of days/ has trouble eating you should take measures.
  13. shooter78 Initiate Member

    well shes been in there for like 3 days. she seems pretty fine to me. shes swimming around and exploring. she just cant seem to eat the pellets. she tries, but spits them out after "chewing" them. should i crush them up as suggested? she will eat the bloodworms just fine and rather, gets excited when she sees food.