Betta Fish Fin Rot That Won't Go Away!

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    Hello everyone,
    I've had my first betta fish Phish (original I know) since the beginning of January. He came from a Petco and being an inexperienced Betta owner I housed him in a little plastic 1.5 gallon tank with a little whisper filter and no heater. I kept him at college and frankly I didn't take the best care of him because I had no idea. I didn't change the water or carbon cartridge for 5 months and he lived near a window so even in the dead of winter where it was below 0 degrees he was there. I feel horrible about it now, but he never got sick and was happy as a clam in his little tank. When I came home from school and read more about Bettas, I purchased the 5 gallon Fluval Chi with gravel, a little statue thing, a new little shrimp, 2 live plants (not sure of the names), and the silk plant and marimo balls from his old tank. I had him in it for a few weeks and noticed his fins were starting to get ripped up. Thinking he was getting the fins caught on something I removed the little statue, removed the shrimp, covered the filter intake with a sponge, and started medicating him with MILAFIX (as recommended by my LFS). After a week of medicating I did a full water change and cleaned everything in the tank. About 2 weeks later (now) I did a 50% water change and his caudal fin is looking better and the bottom fin is looking about the same (possibly slightly worse) but the dorsal fin looks like its been put through a shredder! I'm not sure what to do. I picked up some BETTAFIX and just started that tonight. It just seems like this won't get better and he's beginning to be less friendly and outgoing when I come up to the tank which worries me a lot because his behavior has never changed like this. Someone please help if you have any advice or anything! I'm about to bring him to a vet that practices aquatic medicine but would like to avoid that. Thank you!
    The first picture is of when I first noticed the finrot, second is a week after medicating, and third is tonight. (he is not fully flared in the last two pictures)

    phish1.jpg phish2.jpg phish3.jpg
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    Read the nitrogen cycle you'll find your fix
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    How old is he?
    How long has he been in his new home?
    Did you acclimate him to his new water?
    Do you have a way of measuring the water parameters? (Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate)