Betta Fish Felt Poppets

Poppets are like little dolls or plushies that can contain scented beads, herbs, sand or ashes. Usually they have significant meaning to the person who makes them. As for me, I will be cremating my elderly Betta (his name is Porcelain) once he passes and put his ashes in a poppet that looks like him. These two in the pictures are prototype designs! I think I will add more details with embroidery thread next time for the official versions. I will update this thread when I make the official designs. For now you can see my progress.



Neat, crafty idea! I think i would stick with sand, myself. Can't do ashes. My aunt had a really nice looking ornament made that contains some of my grandma's ashes. It is in storage, that is how hauntings happen...i been to enough haunted places, don't need to live in one again!

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