Betta Fish Feeding Schedule

  1. SaltyPrncss Initiate Member

    Hi, I was wondering what your feeding schedules for your betta fish are! I'm currently feeding mine Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets (twice a day, 2 pellets each time) but he keeps getting bloated :( I'd fast him for 2-3 days afterwards until he poops, then feed him again and it's a never ending cycle! I'm planning on also getting him frozen bloodworms, but I just wanted to know what kind of feeding schedules would be good :)
  2. kuhlkid Member Member

    I'd guess the bloat has less to do with your schedule, which sounds good to me, and more to do with the food itself. When you say bloated, is he having trouble floating properly afterward? Or just looking extra fat? I'd definitely vary his diet more, switch regularly between the pellets and frozen worms (like first meal pellets, second meal worms), and maybe also consider frozen brine shrimp. Their little shells provide some fiber to help your fish pass food effectively! If the bloat ever gets really nasty, your boy has buoyancy issues, or you don't see him pass food for too long, you can also feed him a few pieces of cooked pea. That'll push everything right on through :)
  3. SaltyPrncss Initiate Member

    He's swimming just fine now, but I haven't been finding poop as often as I used to (even though I feed him the same thing as before). There have been a couple times that he seemed like he might've been having a bit of trouble swimming, but after fasting and he poops, he's all better. But when that happened, he would swim a bit more slowly and sometimes lie down halfway on his floating betta log. The bloat isn't too bad, but I just want to prevent it from getting worse. :( Thank you for the suggestion for feeding (& the pea), though! I'll check out the brine shrimp when I go get the bloodworms. ^_^
  4. kuhlkid Member Member

    Awesome, best of luck with him :) I like getting the spirulina-fed brine shrimp, to get a little extra green into my little guys' diets!