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    Hi everyone :) I have my dumbo half moon male betta in a 2.5 gallon tank and he loves to swim on the bottom to go in his log and also to search for food like a piggy, I'm wondering if this is what could be tearing up his bottom fin? He has nothing that could harm him his plant is silk, his log is smooth, his moss ball is soft, and his hammock is soft. My substrate is small rocks like what you would usually see if someone uses gravel and they're topfin brand. His fins get like little slits only in the bottom and they heal up within a few days but he just does it again lol. Could this be from the gravel like I think it is?

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    This is what his rocks look like, I mixed a bag of black with a bag of brown light brown a rose quarts colour and a regular quarts colour 1523420718969950517461.jpg
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    No way he could be biting it this is his bottom fin the one underneath of him, I've had a tail biter and it wasn't that fin and it was missing chunks this is like little slits that heal up really fast. He has a filter it's HOB and it's carbon. His parameters are posted on my account ammonia and nitrite are 0 and nitrate was 20 but I did a water change so it isn't anymore. His temp is also posted as 78. I know what finrot looks like too and this isn't finrot, his fins are all perfectly fine besides the occasional time he slits the bottom one a little.
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    I suspect it’s the filter that did it.

    What does the intake look like?
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    The filter isn't on his side of the tank (this tank is divided) so that isn't possible