Betta fins

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    Oceangirl53 Initiate Member

    I noticed that my half moon bettas find have been a little torn around the edges lately (no big rips lately) what could this be from? I don't think he's tail biting, and the other fish in his tank don't bother him at all. There are a couple small things on my big coral decor. that are a little rough so I thought maybe that's what's caused it. It's attached to a huge decoration and I heard you could use something to cover the part of the decoration, but with what? And also how long will It take for these tears to heal?

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  2. PedroThePie

    PedroThePie Member Member

    Any rough decor would cause it, as well as any plants that aren't live or silk. If you have shrimp, they can be pickers, at least they are always the culprit for my bettas. Don't know about how long it'll take to heal. My bettas tails never did recover.