Betta fins look nibbled on...

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everything was fine at 11 last night when I turned out the light. ElI the betta was asleep in his cave (not where he normally sleeps, which is behind the heater at the top) I thought it was just because he was watching me. So I turned the light on this morning (noon) and his back fin looks nibbled on. Was it the four ghost shrimp I have. (they have never even looked at eachother) did he bite it himself, fin rot, or did he get it snaged on the cave. I don't know how.

So what I'm asking is should I run out and get some fin rot stuff? should I feed the shrimp more? should I feed him more?

I feed the shrimp one algy waffer a day (I forgot last night). I feed ElI 3 betta plets twice a day.
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sometimes bettas bite their own fins.
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Bettas often get their tails shredded on filter intakes. I see you have quite a large one.

I would cover it with a sponge.

In the meantime, just keep his water very clean and keep an eye on his tail. It might need no medications.
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So you don't think it was the shrimp?
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Don't really think it was the shrimp more like a snag. As
Disreguard the lines under the typed text don't have a clue how I did that
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Also, please check the inside/outside of the cave very carefully for any sharp edges. I had a problem with one of Romeo's decorations that seemed ok from the outside, but the inside had a couple VERY sharp places. Unfortunately, it was a decoration that he loved to play in, so he had shredded the end of his tail while playing by the time I noticed him. We used a dremel sander to smooth the rough parts down.
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I would try to find, or order online, Vita-Chem and/or Fish Protector to help heal the fins and regrow them, but I wouldn't be treating him for fin rot yet. I would feed your shrimp less.. like 1/2 wafer maybe. Does he eat as much as a 1/2 wafer per day. Does ElI eat it ever?
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Yes ElI eats the waffer too along with his betta bites.
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It's better for a betta to eat at most 2x the amount of food equal to the size of his eye during a day.
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His fins are completly healed now. all is well
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Great to hear. Thanks for the update.

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Glad to hear he is doing better.
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Glad to hear that he's healed up!
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Glad he's OK now!;D

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His fins are completly healed now. all is well
Very glad to hear that! What did you do that you think cured him?
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I didnt do anything, no medications. Kept him well fed and in clean water. Right now the water is perfict and has been for a week. 0 ammonia 0 nitriets and 0 nitrates. Ph is at 8 but stable, I don't want to add chemicals to bring it down because they are all doing fine with it up.

Do I still need to do a water change even though the water is fine?
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You are following the VERY best course by not using chemicals. The myth of the perfect pH is just that...a myth. Fish are harmed much more by trying to adjust pH than by allowing their own makeup to adjust to their environment naturally. The buffers are unstable and have caused way more harm than good. Thank you for being wise enough to stay away from them.


Yes they still need weekly water changes as those are not the only things one removes when the water changes are done. Besides who doesn't like a little clean water now and again

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