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I got my betta, Lance, about a week ago from Petsmart and I noticed that his the end of his tail fin is becoming a bit transparent. And I read that I might not be feeding him enough so I gave him a bit more but he became bloated so rn I'm fasting him but his fins are still a bit transparent and I am wondering if I should be worried. I have him in a filtered not heated 3 gallon tank by himself. I don't have a kit with me to check my water parameters and his water temp reads 75 degrees F rn and I am feeding him Tetra Betta Worm Shaped Bites.


This betta appears to be getting some fin rot. I can also tell that you betta had fin rot before and therefore he will more likely be able to get it. Clean water is key to keeping away fin rot. Other than clean water, look into indian almond leaves which have antI fungal properties and work wonders.
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I did a 25% water change a half hour ago. So should I do that daily?


HI Do you know about the nitrogen cycle?
You must cycle tanks before you add any fish.

Fin rot is caused by bad water quality and affects weaker fish.
I recommend doing daily water changes before getting any medications.
Like the post above, I do recommend Indian Almond Leaves, they really help

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